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You are so quiet.  Is something wrong with you?

[FORESTER draws a single loud breath, and still keeps holding the muffler mechanically before him, without seeing it.]


Your face is quite distorted.  I am going to call your wife.

FORESTER (makes a movement, as if he were pushing a load from him with utmost exertion).

Never mind!  A slight dizziness.  Have not been bled recently; the wine into the bargain—­it’s already passing away—­say nothing to any one about this.

[Rises with difficulty.]


So they have had a regular stand-up fight, Andrew and Robert!  But what do you intend to do now?  As a dismissed man?  If that fellow says:  “I challenged the poacher, he did not throw down his gun?” You know better than any one that a hunter may then shoot.  He is not even obliged to challenge; if he only hits the mark, he is also in the right.  And whoever, like your Andrew, has fallen the height of two stories from the rock into the water, his tongue will cease wagging even without powder and lead.  You know the law, as it is nowadays.  And they will lock you up into the bargain because of insubordination.  I am sorry for you.  I should not like to be you.  Hey?


The thunderstorm has already passed the Lautenberg, do you hear?  If you delay any longer you will be caught in the rain.


There was lightning some time ago.  As I came along the hill with the larch-firs, the whole country was lighted up.  Then I saw Robert still walking up and down by the willows below.

[FORESTER goes to the door so that WEILER may see he is waiting for his departure.]


Are you going once more to the lawyer?  That might do some good if you were an official of the state.  But what are you going to do when you are not?




Whoever believes it—­


Fool that you are!  I’m going to bed.


It isn’t late enough for that.


I am going to lock the door and the shutters.

WEILER (as he has no alternative, hesitating).

Now then, sleep well, Ulrich—­if you can.

[Exit, the FORESTER after him.]


Enter SOPHY; then the FORESTER and WILLIAM.

SOPHY (coming out of MARY’S room).

Now she may be where the willows begin.

[At the window.]

He is closing the shutters.  I must close Mary’s for appearance’s sake, so that she can climb in when she returns.  And Andrew not yet back!  All at once a feeling comes over me, as if I should not have allowed Mary to go.

Enter the FORESTER with WILLIAM.  SOPHY goes again into MARY’S room.

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