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ANDREW (entering, pale and tottering).



There they carry him.  He has been murdered, and you have done it.

ANDREW (angrily).

I, Robert?


The murdered man recognized you and your gun—­and your conscience betrays you.


Hear me—­for God’s sake!

[LINDENSCHMIED comes stealing along the rocky path in the background.]


Flee, murderer!  Every step carries you nearer the gallows!  Here is the blood that accuses you, and you yourself carry the confession on your pale face.  The fever that shakes you testifies against you.


May the fever rack your bones, shameless liar!  The gun was stolen from me by Lindenschmied, who was on the lookout for Godfrey.  I hurried after him as soon as I learned it.  I fell in a swoon—­by sheer will-force I recovered from the swoon—­and—­


You say it is Lindenschmied who—­


If you do not believe me, look there toward the rocky path—­


Murderer, stand!  Or I shoot you down!

[LINDENSCHMIED hurries across the stage on the rocky path. ROBERT follows him below.]

ANDREW (totters after him).

Be careful, Robert!  The man is desperate—­it is a matter of life and death.


Stand back!  I’ll shoot.

ROBERT (also behind the scenes).

Down with your gun, and stand!


He is taking aim—­jump aside, Robert!

[Two shots are heard in succession.]

Now it is done!

[Disappears in the bushes.]

* * * * *


The Manor House.

Enter STEIN, uneasy; then BASTIAN; later, the PASTOR.


I wonder whether Moeller forgot to send some one to look for Robert?  Or should the boy—­that quarrel with Andrew!  Bastian!

[BASTIAN appears at the door.]

Where is the bookkeeper?


Toward evening he went to the blast-furnace.


Hasn’t Robert been home again since noon?


Mr. Robert made preparations for a journey, and then went away with
Katharine, the Steward’s daughter.

[STEIN makes a sign of dismissal.  Exit BASTIAN.]


And the pastor—­he might have been back long ago.

BASTIAN (at the door).  The pastor.

STEIN.  In the nick of time!

[The PASTOR appears.]

STEIN (shakes hands with him).

At last!  At last!  Have you good news?

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