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WILKENS (flattered).

Well, well!


And Mr. Wilkens need not be ashamed, I believe, of the firm of Stein and

WILKENS (calmly).

By no means.

MOeLLER (with great enthusiasm).

Sir!  The firm of Stein and Son!  I have served the firm twenty years. 
That is my honor and my pride.  For me the firm is wife and child!


I do not doubt it.


The foremost houses of Germany would consider it an honor to ally themselves in marriage with Stein and Son.

WILKENS.  I am sure of it.

[Turns to the bridal couple.]

MOeLLER (angrily to himself).

And that fellow parades his peasant’s pride, as if Stein and Son ought to esteem it a high honor to ally themselves with that forester’s goose.  His forty-five will be divided into three parts, and only after his death.  The only daughter of Loehlein & Co. with her eighty!  That were quite a different capital for our business; and cash down today!  This mesalliance is unpardonable.  But what can one do?  One must [A waltz is heard without] dance off one’s vexation.  May I have the honor, madam [to SOPHY] on the lawn?

[Bows with an old bachelor’s jauntiness.]


I wonder whether I’ll get decent cards!


I guess we’ll have time for that?


Old Wilkens is not yet going to sit in a corner.

[Fumbles in his pocket.]

Wilkens must also contribute his dollar for the benefit of the musicians.  I hope I have your permission, Mr. Bridegroom?

[MOeLLER leads out SOPHY; WILKENS leads MARY; ROBERT follows.]



STEIN (throwing down his cards).

Have I a single trump?

FORESTER (calling).

Twenty in spades.

STEIN (taking up his cards again; impatiently).

Why not forty?  Talking about spades reminds me—­have you considered that matter about the clearing?

FORESTER.  That fellow is a—­

[They continue to play.]


What fellow?


The fellow who hatched that scheme.


Do you mean me?


Your Godfrey there—­

STEIN (getting excited:  with emphasis).

My Godfrey?

FORESTER (growing more and more calm and cheerful).

Well, for all I care, mine, then.


Why do you always drag him in?


Never mind him, then.


As if I—­it is you—­whenever an opportunity offers, you, you drag him in.  You can’t get rid of him.  Like dough he sticks to your teeth.

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