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“That’s so, too.  I would like to know, though, what this plot is.  I don’t believe it has anything to do with treachery.”

“Depends upon what you mean by treachery.  I suppose you mean nothing that will aid the Germans to defeat us?”

“Exactly; then, too, don’t you remember, when Stubbs was telling us about the conspiracy, that he said he had reason to believe there were plotters in the German ranks as well as the British and French?”

“He didn’t say it just that way, I think, but I remember what you mean.  By Jove!  I wonder what it can all be about?”

“Well, it’s too deep for me; and unless something happens, I am half afraid Stubbs may be as good as his word and have us sent back to New York.”

“By George!  We can’t stand for that.”

“I should say not.  See if you can wiggle your hands loose.”

Hal tried.  So did Chester.

“They did a pretty fair job, if you ask me,” said the latter.

“I should say they did.  However, we’ll keep trying.  Something may give.  Perseverance is a great medicine, you know.”

And they did keep trying; but here was one place where it seemed that perseverance was about to fail.  An hour’s tugging at their bonds failed to loosen them to any noticeable degree.

“I guess it’s no use, Chester,” said Hal.

“I’m not having much luck, either,” was Chester’s reply.

They took a brief rest and then fell to tugging at their bonds again.  But they had no better luck than before.

“Well, it’s no use,” said Chester at last.  “I’m going to sleep.”

Hal was also forced to admit that he was unable to loosen his own bonds and he followed Chester’s example and sought repose.

How long they slept neither knew, but both were awakened by a hand on their shoulders.  Looking up in the darkness the lads saw a form bending over them.  They could not distinguish the features.

“Hello!” said Hal, in a whisper.  “We have company, Chester.”

“So we have,” was the latter’s reply.  “Wonder what he wants?”

The figure in the darkness explained his presence in the tent in a few words.

“Come with me!” he whispered.

“Can’t.  We’re tied up,” said Hal.

“I have unloosened your bonds,” said the voice in a whisper.  “Come, and make no noise.”

The lads found that their deliverer had told the truth.  They were no longer bound.  They got to their feet and followed him from the tent.  They had not recognized the voice that had called them; but as they passed without, Hal caught sight of the man’s features.

“Jules Clemenceau!” he exclaimed.



Chester, who had been unable to catch a sight of their deliverer’s face, was surprised.

“Great Scott!  Jules,” he exclaimed.  “You have a knack of turning up in the nick of time.”

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