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Several times the German cavalry charged, their riders dismounting when they reached the struggling mass of humanity and plunging into the fray with sabres and revolvers.  But each time they were beaten off.

Gradually the French cleared the trenches.  The Germans gave slowly at first; then more swiftly.  The French pursued them with loud cries.  The enemy broke and fled.

Again German reinforcements rushed to the attack.  The French met them in the open, beyond the third line German trenches.  The fighting was something terrible; but flushed with victory as they were, there could be but one ending.

A German bugle sounded a recall; and at almost the same moment the evening sun settled beyond the distant eastern hills.

The French had won the day!

Hal and Chester looked at each other.  Then, even as the entire French staff broke into a loud cheer, the two lads grasped hands.

“We’ve won!” said Hal.

“Verdun is saved!” exclaimed Chester.

So there, upon this historic field, we shall take our leave of these two friends for the time; but we shall renew our acquaintance later, in a succeeding volume, entitled:  “The Boy Allies on the Somme; or, Courage and Bravery Rewarded.”


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