The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1 of 2) eBook

Frederic G. Kenyon
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=ISABELLA THE CATHOLIC, QUEEN OF SPAIN=:  her Life, Reign, and Times, 1451-1504.  By M. LE BARON DE NERVO.  Translated from the Original French by Lieut.-Colonel TEMPLE-WEST (Retired).  With Portraits.  Demy Svo, 12s. 6d.

’Neither too long nor too short, not overladen with detail nor impoverished from lack of matter, and is at the same time ample and orderly enough to satisfy the ordinary student.’—­DAILY TELEGRAPH.

=POT-POURRI FROM A SURREY GARDEN.= By Mrs. C.W.  EARLE.  With an Appendix by Lady CONSTANCE LYTTON.  Ninth Edition.  Crown 8vo.

’Intelligent readers of almost any age, especially if they are concerned in the, management of a country household, will find these pages throughout both suggestive and amusing.’—­TIMES.


In 7 Volumes, large crown 8vo. with 2 Portraits.


1. =THE AGE OF THE DESPOTS.= With a Portrait.  Price 7s. 6d.  Ready

2. =THE REVIVAL OF LEARNING.= Price 7s. 6d.  Ready.

3. =THE FINE ARTS.= Price 7s. 6d.  Ready.

4 & 5. =ITALIAN LITERATURE.= 2 Vols.  Price 15s.  In January.

6 & 7. =THE CATHOLIC REACTION.= With a Portrait and an Index to the 7 Vols.  Price 15s.  In the press.

=THACKERAY’S HAUNTS AND HOMES.= By EYRE CROWE.  A.R.A.  With Illustrations from Sketches by the Author.  Crown 8vo, 6s. net.

[Illustration:  Right pointing hand.] NOTE.—­The Edition of the Work for sale in this country is limited to 260 copies.

=THE ANNALS OF RURAL BENGAL.= From Official Records and the Archives of Native Families.  By Sir W.W.  HUNTER, K.S.C.I., C.I.E., LL.D., &c.  New, Revised, and Cheaper Edition (the Seventh).  Crown Svo. 7s. 6d.

’One of the most important as well as most interesting works which the records of Indian literature can show.’—­WESTMINSTER REVIEW.

=FROM GRAVE TO GAY=:  being Essays and Studies concerned with Certain Subjects of Serious Interest, with the Puritans, with Literature, and with the Humours of Life, now for the first time collected and arranged.  By J. ST. LOE STRACHEY.  Crown 8vo, 6s.

’Undeniably clever, well-informed, brightly written, and in many ways interesting.’


=COLLECTED CONTRIBUTIONS ON DIGESTION AND DIET.= With an Appendix on the Opium Habit in India.  By Sir WILLIAM ROBERTS, M.D., F.R.S.  Second Edition.  Crown Svo. 5s.

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