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Frederic G. Kenyon
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Robert will have told you our schemes, and how we are going to work, and are to love you near for the future, I hope.  You, who are wise, will approve of us, I think, for keeping on our Florentine apartment, so as to run no more risk than is necessary in making the Paris experiment.  We shall let the old dear rooms, and make money by them, and keep them to fall back upon, in case we fail at Paris.  ’But we’ll not fail.’  Well, I hope not, though I am very brittle still and susceptible to climate.  Dearest Sarianna, it will do you infinite good to come over to us every now and then—­you want change, absolute change of scene and air and climate, I am confident; and you never will be right till you have had it.  We talk, Robert and I, of carrying you back with us to Rome next year as an English trophy.  Meanwhile you will see Wiedeman, you and dear Mr. Browning.  Don’t expect to see a baby of Anak, that’s all.  Robert is always measuring him on the door, and reporting such wonderful growth (some inch a week, I think), that if you receive his reports you will cry out on beholding the child.  At least, you’ll say:  ‘How little he must have been to be no larger now.’  You’ll fancy he must have begun from a mustard-seed!  The fact is, he is small, only full of life and joy to the brim.  I am not afraid of your not loving him, nor of his not loving you.  He has a loving little heart, I assure you.  If anyone pricks a finger with a needle he begins to cry—­he can’t bear to see the least living thing hurt.  And when he loves, it is well.  Robert says I must finish, so here ends dearest Sarianna’s

Ever affectionate sister


* * * * *

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