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Algernon Freeman-Mitford, 1st Baron Redesdale
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[Footnote 124:  After death a person receives a new name.  For instance, the famous Prince Tokugawa Iyeyasu entered salvation as Gongen Sama.  This name is called okurina, or the accompanying name.]


The reason why the author of the “Sho-rei Hikki” has treated so briefly of the funeral ceremonies is probably that these rites, being invariably entrusted to the Buddhist priesthood, vary according to the sect of the latter; and, as there are no less than fifteen sects of Buddhism in Japan, it would be a long matter to enter into the ceremonies practised by each.  Should Buddhism be swept out of Japan, as seems likely to be the case, men will probably return to the old rites which obtained before its introduction in the sixth century of our era.  What those rites were I have been unable to learn.

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