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Johann Konrad Ammann
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Behold, Reader, a small Tract of three days; if thou wilt offer any thing more, right and true, I will receive it with thank:  There are yet some other things, viz. how a deaf Person may be made, so as to be able to discern from one the other, some Letters pronounced by another, as m. from b. n. from d. ng. from k. &c. or how the quantity of Syllables is to be govern’d.  But these, and the like, can scarce be learnt, but by teaching.

A word is enough to the Wise.


The Author is thinking to turn this small Treatise into the Dutch, and very speedily, God willing, to publish it for the good of the Nation, and will so adapt it to the Idiom thereof, as to make it to be accounted proper.  Nothing being more in the Authors care than that by this his slender endeavour, he shall stir up some one to perform the like, or at least to attempt it:  Now if there occurs to any Body, any thing, either too hard, or not sufficiently explained, he may expect a more full Edition, or else let him repair to the Author, who according to the Light granted unto him, will refuse nothing to any Man.


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