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So much respected are these bulls that a Hindoo would sooner lose his own life than suffer one of them to be killed.  An English gentleman was just going to shoot one that had broken into his garden, when his Hindoo servant rushed between him and the bull, saying, “Shoot me, sir, shoot me, but let him go.”  You may be sure that the gentleman did not shoot the servant, and I think it probable he spared the bull’s life.

There is one more city to be noticed.

DELHI was once the grandest city in India, and the seat of the great Moguls, those Mahomedans who conquered India before the British came.  The ancient palace is still to be seen:  it is built of red stone; but its ornaments are gone; where is now the room lined with crystal, the golden palm-tree with diamond fruits, and the golden peacock with emerald wings, overshadowing the monarch’s throne?

The Persians have stripped the palace of all its gorgeous splendor.

We have now described the two most numerous nations in the world, China and Hindostan.  They contain together more than half the world.  In some respects they are alike, and in some respects they are different.  In these respects they are different.


There is one emperor.  There is no emperor, and
                                   the English govern the country.

There is one language.  There are many.

They use chairs, and tables, They sit and sleep on mats. and beds.

They eat with chop-sticks.  They eat with their fingers.

They wear shoes.  They go barefoot, and wear

The men shave their heads The men twist up their
except one lock. hair with a comb.

They seldom wash themselves.  They bathe often.

They eat pigs more than They abhor pigs.
any other meat.

They are grave and silent.  They are merry and talkative.

They are industrious.  They are idle.

The most learned rise to be        Every one is high and low
great men.                         according to his caste.

They mind the laws.  They care not for laws.

The land is well cultivated.  There is much waste land,
                                   and many jungles.

Now let us consider in what respects they are alike.

China and Hindostan are alike in these respects.  They are both very populous, though China has twice as many inhabitants as Hindostan.

In both rice is the chief food.

In both large grown-up families live together.

In both the women are shut up.

In both foreigners are hated.

In both conjurers are admired.

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