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MISSIONARIES.—­Are there any in China?  Yes, many; and more are going there.  But how many are wanted for so many people!  Missionaries travel about China to distribute Bibles and tracts.  One of them hired a rough kind of chair with two bearers.  In this he went to villages among the mountains, where a white man had never been seen.  The children screaming with terror ran to their mothers.  The men came round him to look at his clothes and his white skin.  They were much surprised at the whiteness of his hands, and they put their yellow ones close to his to see the difference.  These mountaineers were kind, and brought tea and cakes to refresh the stranger.

An English lady went to China to teach little girls; for no one teaches them.  She has several little creatures in her school that she saved from perishing:  because the Chinese are so cruel as to leave many girl-babies to die in the streets; they say that girls are not worth the trouble of bringing up.

One cold rainy evening, Miss Aldersey heard a low wailing outside the street-door, and looking out she saw a poor babe, wrapped in coarse matting, lying on the stone pavement.  She could not bear to leave it there to be devoured by famished dogs; so she kindly took it in, and brought it up.

It is a common thing to stumble over the bodies of dead babies in the streets.  In England it is counted murder to kill a babe, but it is thought no harm in China.  Yet the Chinese call themselves good.  But when you ask a poor man where he expects to go when he dies, he replies, “To hell of course;” and he says this with a loud laugh.  His reason for thinking he shall go to hell is, because he has not money enough to give to the gods; for rich people all expect to go to heaven.  Mandarins especially expect to go there.  If they were to read the Bible, they would see that God will punish kings, and mighty men, and great captains, and all who are wicked.

    [6] These are some of the sentences written in the old books: 

        “Never say, There is no one who sees me, for there is a wise
        Spirit who sees all.”

“Man no longer has what he had before the fall, and he has brought his children into his misery.  O!  Heaven, you only can help us.  Wipe away the stains of the father, and save his children.”

        “Never speak but with great care.  Do not say, It is only a single
        word.  Remember that no one has the keeping of your heart and
        tongue but you.”

        These sentences are like some verses in the Psalms and Proverbs;
        and, it may be, they were spoken first by some holy men of old.

        Here is one more remarkable than all:—­

        “God hates the proud, and is kind to the humble.”

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