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My Grandmama Gilbert. 
  By the same author. 25 cents.

New Cobwebs
  To Catch Young Flies.  Illustrated.  Square. 50 cents.

Opie, Amelia. 
  Tales and Illustrations of Lying. 18mo. 40 cents.

Old Humphrey’s
  Addresses—­Observations—­Thoughts—­Walks in London—­Homely
  Hints—­Country Strolls—­Sea Captain—­Grandparents—­Isle of
  Wight—­Pithy Papers—­Pleasant Tales—­North American Indians.
  12 volumes.  Each 40 cents.

Osborne, Mrs. David. 
  The World of Waters.  Illustrated. 75 cents.

Pastor’s Daughter. 
  By Mrs. L.P.  Hopkins.  Illustrated. 40 cents.

Peep of Day,
  and “Line upon Line,” and “Precept on Precept.” 3 volumes. 
  Each 30 cents.

Pollok, Robert. 
  Tales of the Scottish Covenanters. 16mo. 75 cents. 
  Helen of the Glen. 18mo. 25 cents. 
  The Persecuted Family. 18mo. 25 cents. 
  Ralph Gemmell. 18mo. 25 cents.

Stories on the Lord’s Prayer. 
  By the author of “Edward and Miriam.”

Sigourney, Mrs. L.H. 
  Water Drops. 16mo. 75 cents. 
  Letters to my Pupils.  Portrait. 75 cents. 
  Olive Leaves.  Illustrated. 75 cents. 
  Boys’ Book. 40 cents. 
  Girls’ Book. 40 cents. 
  Child’s Book. 35 cents.

Sinclair, Catherine. 
  Charlie Seymour. 18mo. 30 cts.

Taylor, Jane. 
  Hymns for Infant Minds. 40 cents. 
  Limed Twigs.  Colored plates. 50 cents. 
  Contributions of Q.Q.  Illustrated. $1. 
  Original Poems.  Illustrated. 40 cents.

Tucker, S.
  The Rainbow in the North.  Illustrated. 75 cents.

Week, The. 
  By the author of the “Commandment with Promise.” 75 cents.

Wilson, Professor. 
  Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life. 75 cents.

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