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And now behold Marat meets us; for he lagged in this Suppliant Procession of ours:  he has got some hundred elect Patriots at his heels:  he orders us in the Sovereign’s name to return to our place, and do as we are bidden and bound.  The Convention returns.  “Does not the Convention,” says Couthon with a singular power of face, “see that it is free?”—­none but friends round it?  The Convention, overflowing with friends and armed Sectioners, proceeds to vote as bidden.  Many will not vote, but remain silent; some one or two protest, in words:  the Mountain has a clear unanimity.  Commission of Twelve, and the denounced Twenty-two, to whom we add Ex-Ministers Claviere and Lebrun:  these, with some slight extempore alterations (this or that orator proposing, but Marat disposing), are voted to be under ’Arrestment in their own houses.’  Brissot, Buzot, Vergniaud, Guadet, Louvet, Gensonne, Barbaroux, Lasource, Lanjuinais, Rabaut,—­Thirty-two, by the tale; all that we have known as Girondins, and more than we have known.  They, ’under the safeguard of the French People;’ by and by, under the safeguard of two Gendarmes each, shall dwell peaceably in their own houses; as Non-Senators; till further order.  Herewith ends Seance of Sunday the second of June 1793.

At ten o’clock, under mild stars, the Hundred Thousand, their work well finished, turn homewards.  This same day, Central Insurrection Committee has arrested Madame Roland; imprisoned her in the Abbaye.  Roland has fled, no one knows whither.

Thus fell the Girondins, by Insurrection; and became extinct as a Party:  not without a sigh from most Historians.  The men were men of parts, of Philosophic culture, decent behaviour; not condemnable in that they were Pedants and had not better parts; not condemnable, but most unfortunate.  They wanted a Republic of the Virtues, wherein themselves should be head; and they could only get a Republic of the Strengths, wherein others than they were head.

For the rest, Barrere shall make Report of it.  The night concludes with a ‘civic promenade by torchlight:’  (Buzot, Memoires, p. 310.  See Pieces Justificatives, of Narratives, Commentaries, &c. in Buzot, Louvet, Meillan:  Documens Complementaires, in Hist.  Parl. xxviii. 1-78.) surely the true reign of Fraternity is now not far?



Chapter 3.4.I.

Charlotte Corday.

In the leafy months of June and July, several French Departments germinate a set of rebellious paper-leaves, named Proclamations, Resolutions, Journals, or Diurnals ’of the Union for Resistance to Oppression.’  In particular, the Town of Caen, in Calvados, sees its paper-leaf of Bulletin de Caen suddenly bud, suddenly establish itself as Newspaper there; under the Editorship of Girondin National Representatives!

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