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Another small phasis we add, and no more:  how, in the Autumn months, our sharp-tempered Arthur has been ‘pestered for some days past,’ by shot, lead-drops and slugs, ’rattling five or six times into my chaise and about my ears;’ all the mob of the country gone out to kill game!  (Young, i. 176.) It is even so.  On the Cliffs of Dover, over all the Marches of France, there appear, this autumn, two Signs on the Earth:  emigrant flights of French Seigneurs; emigrant winged flights of French Game!  Finished, one may say, or as good as finished, is the Preservation of Game on this Earth; completed for endless Time.  What part it had to play in the History of Civilisation is played plaudite; exeat!

In this manner does Sansculottism blaze up, illustrating many things;—­producing, among the rest, as we saw, on the Fourth of August, that semi-miraculous Night of Pentecost in the National Assembly; semi miraculous, which had its causes, and its effects.  Feudalism is struck dead; not on parchment only, and by ink; but in very fact, by fire; say, by self-combustion.  This conflagration of the South-East will abate; will be got scattered, to the West, or elsewhither:  extinguish it will not, till the fuel be all done.

Chapter 1.6.IV.

In Queue.

If we look now at Paris, one thing is too evident:  that the Baker’s shops have got their Queues, or Tails; their long strings of purchasers, arranged in tail, so that the first come be the first served,—­were the shop once open!  This waiting in tail, not seen since the early days of July, again makes its appearance in August.  In time, we shall see it perfected by practice to the rank almost of an art; and the art, or quasi-art, of standing in tail become one of the characteristics of the Parisian People, distinguishing them from all other Peoples whatsoever.

But consider, while work itself is so scarce, how a man must not only realise money; but stand waiting (if his wife is too weak to wait and struggle) for half days in the Tail, till he get it changed for dear bad bread!  Controversies, to the length, sometimes of blood and battery, must arise in these exasperated Queues.  Or if no controversy, then it is but one accordant Pange Lingua of complaint against the Powers that be.  France has begun her long Curriculum of Hungering, instructive and productive beyond Academic Curriculums; which extends over some seven most strenuous years.  As Jean Paul says, of his own Life, ’to a great height shall the business of Hungering go.’

Or consider, in strange contrast, the jubilee Ceremonies; for, in general, the aspect of Paris presents these two features:  jubilee ceremonials and scarcity of victual.  Processions enough walk in jubilee; of Young Women, decked and dizened, their ribands all tricolor; moving with song and tabor, to the Shrine of Sainte Genevieve, to thank her that the Bastille is down.  The Strong Men of the Market, and the

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