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19.  Then they bound on Thor the bridal veil, and the great necklace Brising; they let the keys jingle and women’s weeds fall about his knees, and they put broad stones on his breast, and the hood dexterously on his head.

20.  Then spoke Loki, Laufey’s son:  “I also will go with thee as thy maiden; we two will drive together to Joetunheim.”

21.  Then the goats were driven out, urged forward in their harness; well must they run.  Rocks were riven, the earth burned in name:  Odin’s son was driving into Joetunheim.

22.  Then spoke Thrym, lord of the Giants:  “Stand up, giants, and strew the benches!  They are bringing me now Freyja my bride, Njoerd’s daughter from Noatun.

23.  “Gold-horned kine run in the court, oxen all-black, the giant’s delight.  I have many treasures, I have many jewels, Freyja only is lacking.”

24.  The guests assembled early in the evening, and ale was carried to the Giants.  One ox did Sif’s husband eat, and eight salmon, and all the dishes prepared for the women; three casks of mead he drank.

25.  Then spoke Thrym, lord of the Giants:  “Who ever saw a bride eat so eagerly?  I never saw a bride make such a hearty meal, nor a maid drink so deep of mead.”

26.  The prudent handmaid sat near, and she found answer to the Giant’s words:  “Eight nights has Freyja eaten nothing, so eager was she to be in Joetunheim.”

27.  He looked under the veil, he longed to kiss the bride, but he started back the length of the hall:  “Why are Freyja’s eyes so terrible?  Fire seems to burn from her eyes.”

28.  The prudent handmaid sat near, and she found answer to the Giant’s speech:  “Eight nights has Freyja had no sleep, so eager was she to be in Joetunheim.”

29.  In came the Giants’ wretched sister, she dared to ask for a bridal gift:  “Take from thine arms the red rings, if thou wouldst gain my love, my love and all my favour.”

30.  Then spoke Thrym, lord of the Giants:  “Bring the hammer to hallow the bride.  Lay Mjoellni on the maiden’s knee, hallow us two in wedlock.”

31.  The Thunderer’s heart laughed in his breast, when the bold of soul felt the hammer.  Thrym killed he first, the lord of the Giants, and all the race of the Giants he struck.

32.  He slew the Giants’ aged sister, who had asked him for a bridal gift.  She got a blow instead of shillings, and a stroke of the hammer for abundance of rings.  So Odin’s son got back his hammer.


I. Study in the Original.

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