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1.  Then Wing-Thor was angry when he awoke, and missed his hammer.  He shook his beard, he tossed his hair, the son of Earth groped about for it.

2.  And first of all he spoke these words:  “Hear now, Loki, what I tell thee, a thing that no one in earth or heaven above has heard:  the Asa has been robbed of his hammer!”

3.  They went to the dwelling of fair Freyja, and these words he spoke first of all:  “Wilt thou lend me, Freyja, thy feather dress, to see if I can find my hammer?”

4. Freyja.  “I would give it thee, though it were of gold; I would grant it, though it were of silver.”

5.  Then Loki flew, the feather-coat rustled, until he came out of Asgard and into Joetunheim.

6.  Thrym, lord of the Giants, sat on a howe; he twisted golden bands for his greyhounds and trimmed his horses’ manes.

7. Thrym.  “How is it with the Aesir?  How is it with the Elves?  Why art thou come alone into Joetunheim?”

Loki.  “It is ill with the Aesir, it is ill with the Elves; hast thou hidden the Thunderer’s hammer?”

8. Thrym.  “I have hidden the Thunderer’s hammer eight miles below the earth.  No man shall bring it back, unless he bring me Freyja to wife.”

9.  Then Loki flew, the feather-coat rustled, until he came out of Joetunheim and into Asgard.  Thor met him in the middle of the court, and these words he spoke first: 

10.  “Hast thou news in proportion to thy toil?  Tell me from on high thy distant tidings, for a sitting man often breaks down in his story, and he who lies down falls into falsehood.”

11. Loki.  “I bring news for my toil:  Thrym, lord of the Giants, has thy hammer; no man shall bring it back, unless he take him Freyja as a bride.”

12.  They went to see fair Freyja, spoke to her first of all these words:  “Bind on the bridal veil, Freyja, we two must drive to Joetunheim.”

13.  Angry then was Freyja; she panted, so that all the hall of the Aesir trembled, and the great Brising necklace fell:  “Eager indeed for marriage wouldst thou think me, if I should drive with thee to Joetunheim.”

14.  Then all the Aesir went into council, and all the Asynjor to consultation, and the mighty Gods discussed how they should recover the Thunderer’s hammer.

15.  Then spoke Heimdal, whitest of the Aesir; he could see into the future like the Vanir:  “Let us bind on Thor the bridal veil; let him have the great necklace Brising.

16.  “Let the keys jingle, and let women’s weeds fall about his knees; let us put broad stones on his breast, and a hood dexterously on his head.”

17.  Then spoke Thor, the mighty Asa:  “Vile would the Aesir call me, if I let the bridal veil be bound on me.”

18.  Then spoke Loki, Laufey’s son:  “Speak not such words, Thor! soon will the Giants dwell in Asgard, unless thou bring home thy hammer.”

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