Representative Plays by American Dramatists: 1856-1911: Paul Kauvar; or, Anarchy eBook

Steele MacKaye
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But little.—­I led last night the band of men who mined the Faubourg and cleared the road for our army to advance.


A desperate undertaking, crowned with great success!—­We gave you all up as dead.


We should have been, but for the clemency of Rochejacquelein.  He spared my men, and put me on parole.  He could have shot us all, but by letting him escape I saved the band of patriots to whom our army owes its victory to-day.

[All cheer.


Captain Kauvar, you did right!

[The MOB cheer.


Citizens, the watchword sent from Robespierre to Vendee was this: 
“Death without mercy to the Aristocrats.”

[Pointing at the DUKE.]

Here is one, at least; I claim him for the guillotine.


Aye—­to the guillotine!  To the guillotine!


[As the MOB rush on the DUKE.]


[The MOB fall back.]

Citizens, I bring you glorious news!  These despatches have just reached me on the field.  They come from the National Convention at the Capitol of France.  Listen!


“The tyrant Robespierre has been guillotined.  The reign of terror is at an end.  Proclaim amnesty, mercy, and fraternity to all Frenchmen in Vendee.”

[All cheer.


Robespierre dead!  What will the people do without the guillotine?


Drive anarchists and Carracs out of France!


Aye!  Away with him!  Away with him!

[Rushing on CARRAC, the MOB nearly tear him to pieces as they bear him away.


[Fighting the MOB.]

Ingrates—­traitors—­dogs—­ye shall not harm him—­back! back! back!

[Exit, facing the MOB, and trying to save CARRAC.


[Bounding in from panel, speaks to PAUL.]

You see I have returned!


And the General?


Has escaped to England, [Pointing to PAUL.] thanks to him.

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