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Representative Plays by American Dramatists: 1856-1911: Paul Kauvar; or, Anarchy eBook

Steele MacKaye
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 58 pages of information about Representative Plays by American Dramatists.

[Rushing in.]

General, the enemy are upon us!


[Excitedly to LA HOGUE.]

Quick!—­To arms!—­We must rouse and lead our men!


But Diane—­my wife?


Gone!—­to England.

[Handing a paper.]

Read, and remember, whatever be my fate, you are on parole.

[He rushes off with LA HOGUE.

The crash of firearms increases.



“Dear Henri:—­The town is burning, my daughter in peril.  I see
Diane embarked for England, and join you on the field.—­Duc de
Beaumont.”—­Gone!—­No!  I will find her, and fly with her myself.

[Noise of battle outside.—­PAUL is about to go, but stops.]

No, no!  My God!—­She’s lost to me again!  I cannot go to seek her, for
I’m a prisoner on parole!

[He falls prostrate on the stairs.



SCENE. Same as Act IV—­one hour later.  Noise of battle in distance.—­PAUL discovered looking on and listening in excitement.—­Noise increases and sounds nearer.



Ah!—­The enemy weakens!—­gives way!—­falls back!—­The Royalists fly!—­The Republic wins!—­Progress triumphs!

[The noise of battle grows louder, but the cries of triumph from Republicans decrease, then die away.—­PAUL checks his joy and speaks in changed tones.]

And I—­I have no part in this glorious play—­because I’m on parole.

[Walking up and down excitedly.]

What torture!—­to be here; with heart aflame, and limbs all free; to see the fight, and yet be bound to idleness by an oath, as much a prisoner as though in fetters at the bottom of a cell!

[Changing his whole manner.]

And Diane—­where is she?  But now within my reach—­almost in my arms—­naught between us but a promise, a mere breath—­that breath as strong as adamantine walls to part us!


[Entering, sees PAUL and cries out.]



[Turning, starts.]

Jean Litais!


You, alive?


My wife!—­Where is she?


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