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Steele MacKaye
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On December 24, 1887, “Paul Kauvar” opened at the New York Standard Theatre, with Joseph Haworth and Annie Robe, and thereafter started on a stage career whose history is long and varied.  It reached London, May 12, 1890, under the management of Augustus Harris, at the Drury Lane, with William Terriss and Jessie Millward heading the cast.

Nym Crinkle liked “Paul Kauvar” because of its vigourous masculinity.  To him there was in it the “scintillant iron,” “the strong arm, ruddy at times with the tongues of promethean fire.”  It is a big canvas, avowedly romantic.  “It is,” he wrote, after the play had been running in New York some months, “a work of great propulsive power, of genuine creative ingenuity, of massive dramatic effectiveness.”  On that account it is well worth the preserving and the reading.


Washington, D.C.

W.H.  Rapley.  Manager.

* * * * *

Saturday evening,...  May 5th, 1888,

Grand Production for the Benefit of

The Statue of Washington,
to be presented by

The United States to the Republic of France,
of the latest and greatest New York success.

Paul Kauvar,
Steele Mackaye.

* * * * *


=The President and Mrs. Cleveland=,

The following distinguished committee of ladies

Mrs. Nathan Appleton, Mrs. Senator J.P.  Jones,
Miss Florence Bayard, Mrs. Senator Palmer,
Mrs. Secretary Fairchild, Mrs. Secretary Endicott,
Mrs. Don M. DICKINSOX, Mrs. Justice field,
Mrs. Senator Sherman, Mrs. Senator Stanford,
Mrs. Senator Hearst, Mrs. Senator Stockbridge,
Mrs. Senator Manderson, Mrs. Senator Walthall,
Mrs. F.M.D.  Sweat, Mrs. S.V.  White,
                and Mrs. Washington McLEAN;

And the Following Executive Committee of Ladies and Gentlemen: 

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