Representative Plays by American Dramatists: 1856-1911: Paul Kauvar; or, Anarchy eBook

Steele MacKaye
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Say I am busy—­busy—­[Striking his breast.] breaking the heart of a traitor to France!



A welcome message.—­I sha’n’t forget it.



Wife gone!—­Home desolated!—­Naught left but the haunting memory of joy forever lost!—­Ah, I am weary, heart-broken—­helpless!

[He sinks into the chair at desk, and buries his face in his arms.  Slowly the light dims to darkness.  At back, the stage is transformed into a TABLEAU OF KAUVAR’S DREAM OF ANARCHY.

Mysterious music accompanies the Dream, which consists of a tableau of the guillotine in the Place de la Revolution, in Paris, by moonlight.

Here is seen the scaffold, with its ghastly paraphernalia, surrounded by ferocious_ SANS CULOTTES, and GENS D’ARMES. Amidst them is an old hag.

The death-cart, with its load of victims, is seen in the foreground—­the entrance to the garden with the palace of the Tuilleries in the background.

The_ HEADSMAN stands ready, near the knife of the guillotine.

From the death-cart_ DIANE glides on and slowly goes up the scaffold steps.

As she reaches the top, she is seized roughly by the_ HEADSMAN.

At this moment PAUL starts with a cry of agony from his chair—­and at his shriek, the whole Tableau of the Dream instantly disappears.


[Starting up wildly.]

No, no!—­My life for hers!—­My life for hers!

[Waking, as the Dream disappears, he looks about dazed and bewildered; then bursts into hysterical laughter.]

A dream!—­Thank God, a dream!—­Only a horrible dream!

[Suddenly stops short in horror.]

How dark and still the house is.  My God!—­Something has
happened!—­What is it?

[Shrieks with terror.]



[Entering with lamp.]

What’s the matter?


Diane—­Mademoiselle Diane, where is she?


[Appearing, dressed to go away.]



[Makes a spontaneous movement toward her, then checks himself and turns to NANETTE.]

Leave us!

[NANETTE goes silently away.  PAUL speaks to DIANE hoarsely.]

Where are you going?


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