Representative Plays by American Dramatists: 1856-1911: Paul Kauvar; or, Anarchy eBook

Steele MacKaye
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All right, Citizen!  I’m always ready at the call of the Republic.



Good!—­Now to secure my victory!—­But where can I find Kauvar?

[Starts for door.  KAUVAR enters, absorbed in thought, without seeing GOUROC, who watches him.]

He’s just in time!  Fate conspires with me for success.

[PAUL seats himself at desk and buries his face in his arms.—­GOUROC goes over quietly and touches him on the shoulder.


[Starting up in dismay]

You here, Gouroc!


I am, old friend,—­though you seem scarce glad to see me.


Pardon, Comrade; you find me at a moment when my mind’s absorbed with many cares.


I understand;—­in times like these perplexity pursues the patriot.  I would not now intrude, dear friend, if duty did not force me.


[With sudden suspicion.]

Duty!  And what duty can bring you here?

GOUROC.  I have important warrants for your signature.


[Sitting again, with a sigh of relief.]

Another time.—­I cannot sign them now.



Friend, the business of the Republic is sacred; it cannot be postponed.



Well, well!—­What are these warrants?

[Takes up pen carelessly.


[Calling off papers, as he gives them to PAUL to sign.]

Warrants for the arrest of Catherine Cler—­

[PAUL signs.]

Maxime Berton—­

[PAUL signs.]

Marie Legrand—­

[PAUL signs.]

And this blank warrant for a suspected party, whose name that fool Potin has registered so badly that I must get him to decipher it before I can fill it in.

[PAUL signs mechanically.]


Tis done!—­And she is mine!


Shall you be at the club to-night, friend?




[Night comes on.


What excuse shall I offer the fraternity?

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