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Steele MacKaye
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What test can you propose?


[Seating himself at desk and writing.]

Here is a pass procured at the risk of my life.—­I fill it out for George Leblanc.—­It will convey you, alone, safely beyond our borders.  Here is another.  I make this out for George Leblanc and Diane his daughter.  This will enable both of you to escape.—­These passes have the signatures of the chief of police; I countersign them, thus—­a double surety for you, a double risk for me.—­Now, Monsieur, either one of these passes is yours, as your daughter may decide, if you will offer her the choice of remaining under my protection, or of leaving France with you.


[Striking a bell.]

The choice is at her will.

[Enter NANETTE.]

Send my daughter here at once.



One word, Monsieur.  These passes are at stake, and my life as well.  I promise to be bound by the decision of your daughter.—­If she decides to remain, you promise to go and leave her here with me?

DUKE.  I promise this on one condition.  I pledge my honour to put the alternative fairly before her.  You must pledge yours to use no word to influence her choice.


I pledge myself to silence.


[Entering pale and anxious.]

You sent for me, Father?


I did.  Listen, child.  I am about to leave France.  By my side there is peril—­here is safety.  Answer frankly:  will you follow me, or remain here under the protection of Monsieur Kauvar?



What can this mean?  He could not ask this if he knew the truth.


Father, I do not understand.—­What shall I say?


What your heart prompts, child.

[Turning away.]

Nay, do not hesitate; I will not influence your choice even with a look.


If I shrink from danger, if I stay here, what becomes of you?


I go alone.


Alone to meet your peril?—­Then, by the bond of a daughter’s duty, my place is at my father’s side.

[PAUL staggers.  The DUKE retires quietly to desk.  DIANE speaks aside to PAUL.]

Remember he is old, with none but me to comfort his last days.

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