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After dinner, I brought the subject forward by observing, that if it was intended Bradley’s plan should be carried out, Malcolm would desire to form one of the party; and as an excuse for his going, I stated that I wished him to get me a supply of drugs at San Francisco, as the little stock I had brought with me was quite exhausted;—­foolish-like, not thinking at the time that Bradley and Don Luis could have procured them quite as readily as Malcolm, and that I was therefore giving no reason at all for his accompanying them.  Malcolm, however, came to my relief, by stating he had business at San Francisco, as he wished to see the captains of some of the vessels in the harbour there that might be bound for the Columbia River.  Bradley gave Don Luis a side-look, and said that no ships bound for the Columbia would be found at San Francisco at this time of the year.  Biggs, however, who knew more about the shipping at that port than any of us, observed there would be; and rather a warm discussion ensued, which was interrupted by Story and McPhail both saying to Bradley, that as Malcolm really wanted to go to San Francisco, they had better go in company.  As there could be no possible objection to this course, it has been finally arranged for them to start off on the 5th (Tuesday).  Jose was to be left behind.

The takings of the past week have been very good, considering that we have two of our party absent, and three laid up with illness.  The sky has been a good deal overcast to-day; but still, from what I learn, there is no chance of rain for another month.


  The party start for the coast
  How the carrying of the gold was arranged
  The escort
  Character of the country they passed through
  Halt at noon
  An alarm
  A discovery
  The escort return, keeping a sharp look-out
  A merry evening
  The narrative resumed
  A loud whistle
  “The best part of the gold is lost”
  The party are sullen and angry
  Malcolm is missing
  Don Luis’s explanation
  A lasso whirls through the air
  A horse shot
  Malcolm falls to the ground
  Bradley fires, and with effect
  Retire to cover
  A discharge of rifles
  The enemy wheel off
  Malcolm’s horse is missing
  Malcolm found to be insensible
  More horsemen
  Tomas Maria Carillo
  Robberies at the mines
  Brutal conduct
  A litter procured
  Malcolm conveyed to a shanty
  A kind Californian woman
  A volley of inquiries about the gold
  “It is the doctor you have to thank for that”
  The Author’s reflections.

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