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And after a little the Pilgrim heard, whispering low, in the twilight hymn, the Voice of the Evening Wind.

Said the Voice:  “To thee, O Hadji, I come from the Boundless Ocean Above that begins wherever you are and extends farther away than the farthest point your thought can reach.  I speak from out the Deeps Beyond.  I tell of the Great That May Be.  I too am a Voice of Life and mine it is to continue for you The Tale of The Uncrowned King.”

And this is the part of the Tale that was told by the Voice of the Evening Wind.

The twin princes Really-Is and Seemsto-Be, on their good horses Reality and Appearance, journeyed very pleasantly through the Land of Allthetime toward the City Sometime in the Land of Yettocome.  Ever as they went the Royal travelers saw before them the walls of the city gleaming like polished silver in the sun, and high above the shining walls the great palace or temple that flamed like a ruby flame.  Always as they rode the two talked gaily, in glad anticipation of the marvels they would certainly see, of the pleasures they would surely find, and of the delightful adventures that without doubt awaited them.  So at last they arrived at the city gate, which was a gate all scrolled and patterned with precious gems.

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Fairer than the dreams of angels, O Hadji, is the City Sometime in the Land of Yettocome.  Of such radiant splendors, such dazzling brilliancy, such transcending glory there are yet no words fashioned to tell.  It is a city, in the form and manner of its building, of exquisite loveliness, of fairy grace, of towering grandeur.  It is a city in the beauty and richness of its color, all emerald, rose, and purple, all ruby, crimson and gold.

As the twin princes of Allthetime rode slowly through the wide jeweled gate and along the noble streets and stately avenues, they exclaimed aloud with delight and wonder at the enchanting beauty of the scene.  More than they had heard at home was true.  The poorest of the buildings in Sometime far exceeded in splendor the richest of the palaces in Daybyday; while before the palaces of Sometime, Really-Is and Seemsto-Be stood speechless and amazed.  They were fairly drunken with the flashing, flaming, blazing, blinding glory of the sight.

The people of Sometime, too, were exceeding fair and very charming in their manner, and they welcomed the princes from Daybyday with a joyous welcome, answering their questions gladly and escorting them to the palace of their king.  For you must know, O Hadji, that the City Sometime, too, is a Royal City, the home of Lookingahead, who rules over the Land of Yettocome.  And King Lookingahead received his noble visitors with gladness and had great pleasure, he said, in presenting them to his two daughters, the princesses of Yettocome, Fancy and Imagination, who were fairer than any women the princes of Daybyday had ever seen, even in the loveliest of their dreams.

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