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“It embodies the aspiration, civic and moral, of the present day.”—­New York Tribune.

“Beautiful both in language and in sentiment.”—­Chicago News.

“It represents dreams of artistic magnificence.”—­Buffalo Evening

“The secret of his power is the same God-given secret that inspired
Shakespeare and upheld Dickens.”—­Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch.

“It is the greatest story since Bunyan’s ‘Pilgrim’s Progress.’”—­Grand Rapids Herald.

“It is a classic in nature and spirit and rendering.”—­Omaha World-Herald.

“The language throughout is exquisite—­such as one might expect of Henry Van Dyke.”—­Richmond Journal.

“It is an insight into the temple of truth to be found in every man’s life if he looks for it.”—­Wilmington News.

“It is beautiful in its wording, almost poetry.”—­Birmingham Ledger.

“Harold Bell Wright has given to the world a literary gem that will live.”—­Oregon Journal.

* * * * *


“It is a novel with ‘body,’ with a large and timely idea back of it, with sound principles under it, and with a good crescendo of dramatic thrills.”—­Chicago Record-Herald.

“To the reader the characters will appear as real as friends they know—­all of their aims, and likes, and hatreds being portrayed as true to life as snapshots caught by moving-picture cameras.”—­Boston Globe.

“The characters take the reader with them wherever they go, and they are characters that seem to have temporarily stepped from real life into the pages of the book.”—­Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph.

“The romance of the novel is told in a very charming love story which has ‘Barbara Worth’ for its inspiration.  With her winning the author has deftly interwoven an epic of national reclamation work and present-day good business.”—­Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“With a vividness that assumes reality Mr. Wright shows how capital may be used to gain its end and at the same time save the community and still be ’good business’.”—­Omaha Bee.

“‘The Calling of Dan Matthews’ was a fine tale; ’The Shepherd of the Hills’ was an inspiration.  And now he sends us ’The Winning of Barbara Worth’—­the best thing he has done so far * * * a twentieth century epic.”—­Cleveland Plain Dealer.

* * * * *


“It is a book embodying high ideals for men and women, and one that will stimulate young men and women toward pure and noble love.”—­Baltimore Sun.

“‘Their Yesterdays,’ by Harold Bell Wright, is a really great book.  You feel better, you feel refreshed, and you feel a desire to drop to your knees and thank Almighty God for such a book and for permitting you to read it.”—­Memphis News Scimitar.

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