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“Amidst all the ordinary literature of the day, it is as a pure, white stone set up along a dreary road of unending monotony.”—­Buffalo Courier.

“It is filled with laughs and tears, this beautiful story, and no one can help laughing or crying in turn, if his heart is right.”—­Pueblo Chieftain.

“It is a heart-stirring story.  A tale to bring laughter and tears; a story to be read and read again.”—­Grand Rapids Herald.

“The people who move within it are so human that the reader of their story will pick them out for like and dislike, as if he had really known them in the flesh, rather than in the pages of a book.”—­Chicago Journal.

“One of the best novels written in the English language for over a decade. * * * Good luck to the man who can put upon paper so fine a novel of American life.”—­Pittsburg Press.

“One of the really good books of the year. * * * A powerful and analytical study of character.”—­Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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“Mr. Wright has written other novels, but this one is so strong and wholesome, so attractive as literature, so interesting as a story, so artistic in preparation, that it wins increasing favor as one gets into it.”—­Buffalo Evening News.

“Mr. Wright has the gift of knowing people well and of being able to set out their characteristics so clearly that his reader also knows them well.”—­Chicago Journal.

“It is a privilege to meet the people whom the author allows you to know.  They are worth while; and to cry and feel with them, get into the fresh, sweet atmosphere with which the writer surrounds them—­and above all, to understand Dan Matthews and to go with him in his unfoldment—­these will repay you.”—­Portland Spectator.

“Harold Bell Wright has done a fine big piece of work. * * * One might quote at length from the old doctor’s homely philosophy.  The book can not be read without the keenest enjoyment and at the end of the story one feels that the people are old friends, real flesh and blood characters, so human are they all.”—­San Francisco Call.

“A skillfully mapped battle-field of human souls, relieved, it is true, by humor, but, for the most part, pathetic and, at times, brooded over by the mystery of spirit-strength, life’s close, never-ending tragedy.”—­Chicago Examiner.

“Mr. Wright’s books are wholesome in the best sense.  They express a faith which lies in practical deeds.  This latest of them should materially extend the author’s favor in a field which he has made his own.”—­New York World.

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“The Crown is not the kingdom, nor is one King because he wears a Crown.” _—­From “The Uncrowned King"_.

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