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Every leaf of the tall trees, every blade and every inwoven flower in the velvet carpet of green, wore beads of shining crystal that sparkled and glittered in radiant splendor.  Every tiny ripple that ran on the Beautiful Sea was a line of silver flame.  And in the overhead ocean of pearly light, floated glowing banks of orange, and scarlet and gold, while, to the Pilgrim, bird and tree and plant and flower and wave and cloud seemed to join in one glad triumphant shout:  “Long live Really-Is!  Long live The Uncrowned King!”

Then the Pilgrim who had paid The Price, who had fulfilled The Law of the Pilgrimage, who had asked of Thyself, the Keeper of the Temple of Truth, “Why,” went to lay his offering on the altar to the god That-Never-Can Change.

And his offering was Himself.


* * * * *


“Altogether an estimable story.”—­New York Sun.

“Done to the life.”—­Chicago Tribune.

“Well written and decidedly interesting.”—­New York Times.

“A thoroughly good novel.”—­Boston Globe.

“Wrings tears and laughter.”—­Record-Herald, Chicago.

“Absorbing, thoughtful novel.”—­Kansas City Journal.

“Full of movement and passion.”—­Standard, Chicago.

“It is human to the very core.”—­Nashville American.

“Excellent character creation.”—­St. Louis Republic.

“Wholesome and strengthening.”—­Albany Press.

“Rich in humor and good sense.”—­Philadelphia Telegraph.

“Full of thrilling interest and moral heroism.”—­Pittsburg Dispatch.

“Many well drawn characters.”—­Washington Post.

“Has not a peer in English fiction.”—­Providence Telegram.

“It is strong and wholesome.”—­Chicago Post.

“Not a chapter that is not interesting.”—­St. Paul News.

“Is a fascinating story.”—­Portland Telegram.

“It should be read to be understood.”—­Grand Rapids Herald.

“The reader’s interest is stirred to its very depths.”—­Omaha

“Many strong situations and some delicate ones.”—­San Francisco Chronicle.

“The Ralph Connor of Kansas.”—­Brooklyn Eagle.

“Most clever, stirring and original.”—­Birmingham News.

“A tale of exalted ideals.”—­Denver Times.

* * * * *


“There are many bits of excellent description in the course of the story, and an atmosphere as fresh and sweet and free from modern grime as one would breathe on the Ozark trails themselves.”—­New York Times.

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