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He made the stations of the great gods; he fixed the stars, even the twin-stars, to correspond with them; he ordained the year, appointing the signs of the Zodiac over it; for each of the twelve months he fixed three stars, from the day when the year issues forth to its close.  He established the station of Jupiter that they might know their bounds, that they might not err, that they might not go astray in any way.  He established the station of Bel and Ea along with himself.  He opened also the gates on either side, the bolts he strengthened on the left hand and on the right, and in their midst he set the zenith.  He illuminated the Moon-god that he might watch over the night, and ordained him for a guardian of the night that the time might be known, (saying):  ’Month by month, without break, make full thine orb; at the beginning of the month, when the night begins, shine with thy horns that the heaven may know.  On the seventh day, halve thy disk; stand upright on the Sabbath with the [first] half.  At the going down of the sun [rise] on the horizon; stand opposite it [on the fourteenth day] in full splendour (?). [On the 15th] draw near to the path of the sun; [on the 21st] stand upright against it for the second time.”

* * * * *


The gods in their assembly created [the beasts], they made perfect the mighty [monsters]; they caused the living creatures of the [field] to come forth, the cattle of the field, the wild beasts of the field, and the creeping
  things of the [field];
[they fixed their habitations] for the living creatures [of the field] [and] adorned [the dwelling-places] of the cattle and creeping things of
  the city;
[they created] the multitude of creeping things, all the offspring [of
  the earth]!



The glorious temple, the temple of the gods, in the holy place (of
  Eridu) had not yet been made;
no reed had been brought forth, no tree had been created; no brick had been made, no roof had been formed; no house had been built, no city had been constructed; no city had been made, no dwelling-place prepared.  Nippur had not been built, E-kur (the temple of Nippur) had not been
Erech had not been built, E-Ana (the temple of Erech) had not been
The deep had not been created, Eridu had not been constructed.  The glorious temple, the temple of the gods, its seat had not been made.  All lands were sea.  When within the sea there arose a movement, on that day Eridu was built, E-Sagila was constructed, E-Sagila where the god Lugal-du-azaga dwells within the deep.  Babylon was built, E-Sagila was completed.  The gods and the spirits of the earth were created all together.  The holy city

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