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Archibald Sayce
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89. with the lightning of them they set on fire the world;

90. the violence of the storm-god reached to heaven;

91. all that was light was turned to [darkness].

92.  In the earth like ... [men] perished (?)

Two lines are lost here.

95.  Brother beheld not his brother, men knew not one another.  In the heaven

96. the gods feared the deluge, and

97. hastened to ascend to the heaven of Anu.

98.  The gods cowered like a dog who lies in a kennel.

99.  Istar cried like a woman in travail,

100. the great goddess spoke with a loud voice: 

101.  ’The former generation is turned to clay.

102.  The evil which I prophesied in the presence of the gods,

103. when I prophesied evil in the presence of the gods,

104.  I prophesied the storm for the destruction of my people.

105.  What I have home, where is it?

106.  Like the spawn of the fish it fills the deep.’

107.  The gods wept with her because of the spirits of the underworld;

108. the gods sat dejected in weeping,

109. their lips were covered ...

110.  Six days and nights

111. rages the wind; the flood and the storm devastate.

112.  The seventh day when it arrived the flood ceased, the storm

113. which had fought like an army

114. rested, the sea subsided, and the tempest of the deluge was ended.

115.  I beheld the deep and uttered a cry,

116. for the whole of mankind was turned to clay;

117. like the trunks of trees did the bodies float.

118.  I opened the window and the light fell upon my face;

119.  I stooped, and sat down weeping;

120. over my face ran my tears.

121.  I beheld a shore beyond the sea;

122. twelve times distant rose a land.

123.  On the mountain of Nizir the ship grounded;

124. the mountain of the country of Nizir held the ship and allowed it not to float.

125.  One day and a second day did the mountain of Nizir hold it.

126.  A third day and a fourth day did the mountain of Nizir hold it.

127.  A fifth day and a sixth day did the mountain of Nizir hold it.

128.  When the seventh day came I sent forth a dove and let it go.

129.  The dove went and returned; a resting-place it found not and it turned back.

130.  I sent forth a swallow and let it go; the swallow went and returned;

131. a resting-place it found not and it turned back.

132.  I sent forth a raven and let it go;

133. the raven went and saw the going down of the waters, and

134. it approached, it waded, it croaked and did not turn back.

135.  Then I sent forth (everything) to the four points of the compass; I offered sacrifices;

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