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of something else.  Dangerous is it to enter into Zorah.  Thou wilt say it is burning with a very painful sting (?) Mohar, come!  Go forward on the way to the land of Pa-Kakina.  Where is the road to Achshaph?  Towards no city.  Pray look at the mountain of User.  How is its crest?  Where is the mountain of Shechem?  Who can surmount it?  Mohar, whither must you take a journey to the city of Hazor?  How is its ford?  Let me (choose) the road to Hamath, Dagara, (and) Dagar-el.  Here is the road where all Mohars meet.  Be good enough to spy out its road, cast a look on Ya ...  When one goes to the land of Adamim, to what is one opposite?  Do not draw back, but instruct us!  Guide us that we may know, thou leader!

I will name to thee other cities besides these.  Thou hast not gone to the land of Takhis, Kafir-Malona, Tamnah, Kadesh, Dapul, Azai, Har-Nammata, nor hast thou beheld Kirjath-eneb near Beth-Sopher (Kirjath-Sepher or Debir); nor dost thou know Adullam (and) Zidiputha, nor dost thou know any better the name of Khalza in the land of Aupa, the bull on its frontiers (?).  Here is the place where all the mighty warriors are seen.  Be good enough to look and see how Qina is situated, and tell me about Rehob.  Describe Beth-sha-el (Bethel) along with Tarqa-el.  The ford of the land of the Jordan, how is it crossed?  Teach me to know the passage in order to enter into the city of Megiddo which lies in front of it.  Verily thou art a Mohar, well skilled in the work of the strong hand.  Pray, is there found a Mohar like thee, to place at the head of the army, or a seigneur who can beat thee in shooting?

Drive along the edge of the precipice, on the slippery height, over a depth of 2000 cubits, full of rocks and boulders.  Thou takest thy way back in a zigzag, thou bearest thy bow, thou takest the iron in thy left hand.  Thou lettest the old men see, if their eyes are good, how, worn-out with fatigue, thou supportest thyself with thy hand. Il est perdu, le chameau, le Mohar!  Eh bien![18] Make to thyself a name among the Mohars and the knights of the land of Egypt.  Let thy name be like that of Qazirnai the lord of Aser, because he discovered lions in the interior of the balsam-forest of Baka at the narrow passes, which are rendered dangerous by the Shasu who lie in ambush among the trees. (The lions) measured fourteen cubits by five cubits.  Their noses reached to the soles of their feet.  Of a grim appearance, without softness, they cared not for caresses.  Thou art alone, no stronger one is with thee, no armee is behind thee, no Ariel (see 2 Sam. xxiii. 20, Isa. xxix. 1) who prepares the way for thee, and gives thee counsel on the road before thee.  Thou knowest not the road.  The hair on thy head stands on end; it bristles up.  Thy soul is given into thy hands.  Thy path is full of rocks and boulders, there is no way out near; it is overgrown with creepers and wolf’s-foot.  Abysses are on one side of thee, the mountain and the

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