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Archibald Sayce
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 210 pages of information about Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations.




(See page 189)

I will portray for thee the likeness of a Mohar; I will let thee know what he does.  Thou hast not gone to the land of the Hittites, nor hast thou beheld the land of Aupa.  The appearance of Khatuma thou knowest not.  Likewise the land of Igadai, what is it like?  The Zar (Plain) of Sesostris and the city of Aleppo are on none of its sides.  How is its ford?  Thou hast not taken thy road to Kadesh (on the Orontes) and Tubikhi (the Tibhath of 1 Chr. xviii. 8), neither hast thou gone to the Shasu (Bedawin) with numerous foreign soldiers, neither hast thou trodden the way to the Magharat (the caves of the Magoras near Beyrout), where the heaven is dark in the daytime.  The place is planted with maple trees, oaks, and acacias, which reach up to heaven, full of beasts, bears and lions, and surrounded by Shasu in all directions.  Thou hast not gone up to the mountain of Shaua (in the northern Lebanon), neither hast thou trodden it; there thy hands hold fast to the [rein] of thy chariot; a jerk has shaken thy horses in drawing it.  I pray thee, let us go to the city of Beeroth (cisterns).  Thou must hasten to its ascent, after thou hast passed over its ford in front of it.

Do thou explain the attraction to be a Mohar!  Thy chariot lies there [before] thee; thy [strength] has fallen lame; thou treadest the backward path at eventide.  All thy limbs are ground small.  Thy [bones] are broken to pieces.  Sweet is [sleep].  Thou awakest.  There has been a time for a thief in this unfortunate night.  Thou wast alone, in the belief that the brother could not come to the brother.  Some grooms entered into the stable; the horse kicks out; the thief goes back in the night; thy clothes are stolen.  Thy groom wakes up in the night; he sees what has happened to him; he takes what is left, he goes to the evil-doers, he mixes himself up with the tribes of the Shasu.  He acts as if he were an Amu (Asiatic).  The enemies come, they [feel about] for the robber.  He is discovered, and is immovable from terror.  Thou awakest, thou findest no trace of them, for they have carried off thy property.

Become (again) a Mohar, who is fully accoutred.  Let thy ear be full of that which I relate to thee besides.

The town ’Hidden’—­such is the meaning of its name Gebal—­what is its state?  Its goddess (we will speak of) at another time.  Thou hast not visited it.  Be good enough to look out for Beyrout, Sidon, and Sarepta.  Where are the fords of the land of Nazana?  The land of Usu (Palaetyrus), what is its state?  They speak of another city in the sea, Tyre the haven is her name.  Drinking water is brought to her in boats.  She is richer in fish than in sand.  I will tell thee

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