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and of Lachish have given them food, oil, and whatever they wanted; so let the king send help to the troops and despatch troops against the men who have committed sin against the king my lord.  If troops come this year, then there will remain both provinces and governors to the king my lord; but if no troops arrive, there will remain no provinces or governors to the king my lord.  Behold, this country of the city of Jerusalem neither my father nor my mother has given to me; the arm of the Mighty King gave it to me, even to me.  Behold, this is the deed of Malchiel and the deed of the sons of Labai, who have given the country of the king to the Khabiri.  Behold, O king my lord, be just towards me as regards the Babylonians; let the king ask the Commissioners whether they have acted violently (?).  But they have taken upon themselves a very grievous sin.  They have taken their goods and ... let the king ask (them); they had abundance of food, abundance of oil and abundance of clothes, until Pauru the Commissioner of the king came up to the country of the city of Jerusalem, and Adai revolted, together with the garrison and the dependents upon the king.  Let the king know that (Pauru) said to me:  Adai has revolted from me, do not leave the city.  This [year] send me a garrison and a royal Commissioner.  Let thy favour be towards me.  I have sent to the king my lord 5000 prisoners and ... tribute-bearers.  The caravans of the king have been robbed in the field of Ajalon.  Let the king my lord know that I am not able to send a caravan to the king my lord according to thy instructions.  Behold, the king has established his name in the country of Jerusalem for ever, and he cannot forsake the territory of the city of Jerusalem.—­To the Secretary of the king my lord, Ebed-Tob thy servant.  At thy feet I fall:  I am thy servant.  Make a clear report of my words to the king my lord, that I am the vassal of the king.  Abundance of good fortune to thee!—­And thou hast performed deeds I cannot enumerate against the men of the land of Cush. ... bana is not slain.  There are Babylonians in my house.  Let the king my lord ask in regard to them...”

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“To the king my lord, my gods, my Sun-god, thus speaks Suwardata thy servant, the dust of thy feet:  at the feet of the king my lord, my gods, my Sun-god, seven times seven I prostrate myself.  The king my lord directed me to make war in the city of Keilah; I made war; it is (now) at peace with me; my city is restored to me.  Why does Ebed-Tob send to the men of Keilah, saying:  ‘Take silver and march after me’?  And the king my lord knows that Ebed-Tob has taken my city out of my hand.  Again let the king my lord inquire whether I have taken a man, or an ox, or an ass from him or his jurisdiction.  Again Labai is the conspirator who had taken our cities, and now Labai has taken Ebed-Tob, and they have taken our cities.  And the king knows.  To his servant let him grant power, for I did not know they had done anything until the king had sent an account of it to his servant.”

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