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Conquers Babylon 729
Ulula, usurper, takes the name of Shalmaneser IV. 727
Sargon, usurper 722
Sennacherib (Sin-akhe-erba), his son 705
Esar-haddon (Assur-akh-iddin), his son 681
Assur-bani-pal, his son 668
Assur-etil-ilani-yukinni, his son (?)
Sin-sarra-iskun (Sarakos) (?)
Destruction of Nineveh 606

[Footnote 16:  A contemporary of the Babylonian king Zamama-sum-iddin.  If this is the last king but one of the Kassite dynasty, and not rather one of the unknown kings of the dynasty of Isin, the date of Assurdan I. will have to be pushed about 40 years further back.]

[Footnote 17:  A contemporary of the Babylonian king Nebuchadrezzar I.]



The Israelitish Exodus out of Egypt in the fifth year of Meneptah, son
  of Ramses II. 1276
Campaign of Ramses III. in southern Palestine cir. 1230 Chushan-rishathaim of Aram-Naharaim or Mitanni conquers Canaan cir. 1225 Saul elected King of Israel cir. 1020 Accession of David cir. 1000 Accession of Solomon cir. 960 Accession of Rehoboam, division of the kingdom cir. 930 Invasion of Palestine by Shishak I. of Egypt 927


Rehoboam (17 years) cir. 932
Abijah 915
Asa 912
Jehoshapbat 871
Jeboram 846
Ahaziah or Jehoahaz 842
Athaliah 842
Joash 837
Amaziah 797
Uzziah or Azariah 768
Jotham 736
Ahaz 734
Becomes tributary to Tig-lath-pileser 734
Damascus taken by the Assyrians 732
Hezekiah 727
Invasion of Judah by Sennacherib 701
Manasseh 697
Amon 642
Josiah 640
Jehoahaz 608
Jehoiakim 608
Jehoiachin 597
Zedekiah 597
Jerusalem destroyed by Nebuchadrezzar 586


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