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Archibald Sayce
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 210 pages of information about Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations.


Isme-Dagon                                         1850
Samsi-Rimmon I., his son                           1820
Igur-kapkapu                                        (?)
Samsi-Rimmon II., his son                           (?)
Khallu                                              (?)
Irisum, his son                                     (?)


Bel-kapkapu, “the founder
  of the monarchy.” 
Assur-suma-esir (?)
Bir-tuklat-Assur, his son, (contemporary of the
 Babylonian king Kharbe-sipak). 
Erba-Rimmon (?)
Assur-nadin-akhe I., his son (?)
Assur-bil-nisi-su cir. 1450
Buzur-Assur 1440
Assur-nadin-akhe II. 1420
Assur-yuballidh, his son cir 1400
Bel-nirari, his son 1380
Pudilu (Pedael), his son 1360
Rimmon-nirari I., his son 1340
Shalmaneser I., his son (the builder of Calah) 1320
Tiglath-Bir I., his son 1300
Conquers Babylon and reigns there 7 years 1290
Assur-nazir-pal I., his son, 6 years 1280
Tiglath-Asaur-Bel 1275
Assur-narara 1260
Nebo-dan, his son 1250
Bel-kudurri-uzur. 1225
Bir-pileser 1215
Assur-dan I., his son[16] 1185
Mutaggil-Nebo, his son 1160
Assur-ris-isi, his son[17] 1140
Tiglath-pileser I., his son 1120
Assur-bil-kala, his son 1090
Samsi-Rimmon I., his brother 1070
Assur-nazir-pal II., his son 1050

Assur-irbi (?)
Tiglath-pileser II 950
Assur-dan II., his son 930
Rimmon-nirari II., his son 911
Tiglath-Bir II., his son 889
Assur-nazir-pal III. his son 883
Shalmaneser II., his son 858
Assur-dain-pal (Sardana-pallos), rebel king 825
Samsi-Rimmon II., his brother 823
Rimmon-nirari II., his son 810
Shalmaneser III. 781
Assur-dan III. 771
Assur-nirari 753
Pulu (Pul), usurper, takes
  the name of Tiglath-pileser III. 745

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