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Nergal-sarra-uzur (Nergal-sharezer) 560
Labasi-Marduk (Laborosoar-chod), his son, 3 months. 556
Nabu-nahid (Nabonidos) 556
Cyrus conquers Babylon 538
Cambyses, his son 529
Gomates (Gaumata) the Magian usurps the throne, 7 months 521
Nebuchadrezzar III., native king 521
Darius (Darayavaush), son of Hystaspes 520
Nebuchadrezzar IV., rebel king 514
Darius restored 513
Xerxes I. (Khshayarsha), his son 485
Samas-erba, rebel king 480
Xerxes restored 479
Artaxerxes I. (Artakhshatra) Longimanus, his son 465
Xerxes II., his son, 2 months 425
Sogdianos, his half-brother, 7 months 425
Darius II.  Nothos, his brother 424
Artaxerxes II.  Mnemon, his son 405
Okhos (Uvasu), son of Artaxerxes 362
Arses, his son 339
Darius III.  Kodomannos 336
Conquered by Alexander the Great 330

[Footnote 12:  The first date is that of a chronological tablet compiled in the reign of Ammi-zadok; the second that of the Dynastic Tablet compiled probably in the reign of Nabonidos.  In the latter the reigns of illegitimate kings, Pungun-ilu, Immerum, and Eri-Aku, seem to be included in those of the legitimate rulers of the dynasty.  Immerum, the son of Lilium, was a contemporary of Sumu-la-ilu, and perhaps, like Nur-Rimmon and Sin-idinnam in the time of Sin-muballidh and Khammurabi, was vassal king of Larsa in southern Babylonia.]

[Footnote 13:  The date is probably from 15 to 20 years too high.]

[Footnote 14:  The position of this Kuri-galzu is not certain.  One of the Kuri-galzus calls himself “son of Burna-buryas,” but since Nabonidos states that a Burna-buryas reigned 700 years after Khammurabi, it is possible that among the eight (or in this ease nine) unknown Kassite kings there was a Burna-buryas I., B.C. 1640, whose son was Kuri-galzu I.]

[Footnote 15:  As Sennacherib makes Merodach-nadin-akhi defeat the Assyrians in B.C. 1107, while the Dynastic Tablet places the death of the Babylonian king in B.C. 1118, there must be a chronological error in the latter.]



Sargon asserts that he was preceded by 330 Assyrian kings, among the earlier of them being Adasi and his son Bel-bani.

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