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Archibald Sayce
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 210 pages of information about Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations.


1.  Men-pehuti-Ra Ramessu I. 
        (Ramesses), more than 2 years.
2.  Men-ma-Ra Seti I. (Sethos)
        Mer-en-Ptah I., more than 27 years.
3.  User-ma-Ra (Osymandyas)
        Sotep-en-Ra Ramessu II. 
        (Ramses) Mi-Amon (the
        Sesostris of the Greeks), B.C.
        1348-1281 (according to Dr.
4.  Mer-en-Ptah II. (Ammenephthes)
        Hotep-hi-ma Ba-n-Ra Mi-Amon.
5.  User-khepru-Ra Seti II.  Mer-en-Ptah III.
6.  Amon-messu Hik-An Mer-kha-Ra Sotep-en-Ra.
7.  Khu-n-Ra Sotop-en-Ra Mer-en-Ptah IV.  Si-Ptah and wife Ta-user.


1.  Set-nekht Merer Mi-Amon (recovered the kingdom from the Canaanite
2.  Ramessu III.  Hik-an, more than 32 years. 3.  Ramessu IV.  Hik-Ma Mi-Amon, more than 11 years. 4.  Ramessu V. User-ma-s-kheper-en-Ra Mi-Amon, more than 4 years. 5.  Ramessu VI.  Neb-ma-Ra Mi-Amon Amon-hir-kho-pesh-ef (called Meri-Tum
   in northern Egypt).
6.  Ramessu VII.  At-Amon User-ma-Ra Mi-Amon. 7.  Ramessu VIII.  Set-hir-kho-pesh-ef Mi-Amon User-ma-Ra Khu-n-Amon. 8.  Ramessu IX.  Si-Ptah S-kha-n-Ra Mi-Amon, 19 years. 9.  Ramessu X. Nefer-ka-Ra Mi-Amon Sotep-en-Ra, more than 10 years. 10.  Ramessu XI.  Amon-hir-kho-pesh-ef Kheper-ma-Ra Sotep-en-Ra. 11.  Ramessu XII.  Men-ma-Ra Mi-Amon Sotep-en-Ptah Kha-m-uas, more than 27


1.  Nes-Bindidi (Smendes) Mi-Amon. 2.  P-seb-kha-n I. (Psusennes I.) Mi-Amon Aa-kheper-Ra Sotep-en-Amon. 3. [Nefer-ka-Ra] (Nephelkheres). 4.  Amon-em-apt (Amenophthis). 5. ... (Osokhor). 6.  Pinezem (?) (Psinakhes). 7.  Hor-P-seb-kha-n II. (Psusennes II.).

Contemporary with the Twenty-first dynasty was an illegitimate dynasty of high-priests at Thebes:—­

(1.) Hir-Hor Si-Amon. (2.) Piankhi. (3.) Pinezem I. (4.) Pinezem II. with title of “king.” (5.) Men-kheper-Ra and wife Isis-em-kheb. (6.) Pinezem III.


1.  Shashanq I. (Shishak) Mi-Amon Hez-kheper-Ra Sotep-en-Ra, son of
   Nemart, captain of the Libyan mercenaries, more than 21 years.
2.  Usarkon I. Mi-Amon Sek-hem-kheper-Ra. 3.  Takelet I. Mi-Amon Si-Isis User-ma-Ra Sotep-en-Amon, more than 23
4.  Usarkon II.  Mi-Amon Si-Bast User-ma-Ra, more than 23 years. 5.  Shashanq II.  Mi-Amon Sek-hem-kheper-Ra. 6.  Takelet II.  Mi-Amon Si-Isis Hez-kheper-Ra, more than 15 years. 7.  Shashanq III.  Mi-Amon Si-Bast User-ma-Ra, 52 years. 8.  Pimai Mi-Amon User-ma-Ra Sotep-en-Amon. 9.  Shashanq IV.  Aa-kheper-Ra, more than 37 years.


1.  S-hir-ab-Ra Petu-si-Bast. 2.  Usarkon III.  Mi-Amon Aa-kheper-Ra Sotep-en-Amon. 3.  P-si-Mut User-Ra Sotep-en-Ptah.


Egypt is divided between several princes, including Tef-nekht, father of
Bak-en-ran-ef.  It is overrun by Piankhi the Ethiopian, while Usarkon
III. reigns at Bubastis.  The son and successor of Piankhi was

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