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“A famous physician had visited them.” (Page 12.)

Mr. and Mrs. Bird and the doctor are seated around a library-table in earnest conference.


Carol’s “Circulating Library.” (Page 16.)

Carol is lying in an easy-chair beside a case filled with books.  The description of her room should be carried out on the stage as far as practicable.


“The children took their places.” (Page 36.)

The nine Ruggles children are seated in a row facing the audience.  Mrs. Ruggles stands before them, giving instructions about their behavior at Carol’s dinner party.  The costumes must be fantastic, following the description in the story—­green glass breastpin, the purple necktie, and much-braided hair.


“The feast being over,” etc. (Page 35.)

Carol’s room is shown again.  The Ruggles children are seated around Carol, with Mr. Bird and Mrs. Bird and Uncle Jack in the background.


“There stood the brilliantly lighted tree.” (Page 55.)

The same characters that appeared in the preceding scene are shown in attitudes of delight and astonishment as the second curtain is drawn aside to show the Christmas tree.


“Softly, Uncle Jack.” (Page 63.)

The library is shown again.  Mr. and Mrs. Bird, Uncle Jack, Donald, Hugh, and Paul are grouped as if listening attentively.  At the right of the platform a leaded-window effect is made with a slender wood frame covered with black gauze.  Behind this stands a small boy in choir vestments, holding a music book and singing “My Ain Countree” to organ accompaniment.

* * * * *

=The Brownie Men.=


(An exercise for four little boys.  They wear padded trousers of some cheap brown material and a loose shirt of same material in place of the school jacket.  Skull-caps of same material, worn jauntily.  Broad white rings about the eyes and charcoal lines upon face to produce resemblance to pictured Brownies.  Jolly smiles and capers.  Join hands and hop on one foot around tree or leader, before, between, and after verses.)

  Merry, merry sprites are we,
  Dancing round the Christmas tree. 
  We’ve a gift for every one
  Though the last one is just done.

  This has been a busy year,
  And we hope we bring you cheer,
  And when Christmas comes again,
  Look for us—­The Brownie men.

* * * * *

=Winter’s Children.=

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