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Your compliment to me, about my Beck’s sister, is a very kind one.  Mrs. Oldham is a sober, grave widow, a little aforehand, in the world, but not much; has lived well; understands house-hold management thoroughly; is diligent; and has a turn to serious things, which will make you like her the better.  I’ll order Beck and her to wait on you, and she will satisfy you in every thing as to what you may, or may not expect of her.

You can’t think how kindly I take this motion from you.  You forget nothing that can oblige your friends.  Little did I think you would remember me of (what I had forgotten in a manner) my favourable opinion and wishes for her expressed so long ago.—­But you are what you are—­a dear obliging creature.

Beck is all joy and gratitude upon it, and her sister had rather serve you than the princess.  You need be under no difficulties about terms:  she would serve you for nothing, if you would accept of her service.

I am glad, because it pleases you so much, that Miss Goodwin will be soon put into your care.  It will be happy for the child, and I hope she will be so dutiful as to give you no pain for your generous goodness to her.  Her mamma has sent me a present of some choice products of that climate, with acknowledgments of my kindness to Miss.  I will send part of it to you by your new servant; for so I presume to call her already.

What a naughty sister are you, however, to be so far advanced again as to be obliged to shorten your intended excursions, and yet not to send me word of it yourself?  Don’t you know how much I interest myself in every thing that makes for my brother’s happiness and your’s? more especially in so material a point as is the increase of a family that it is my boast to be sprung from.  Yet I must find this out by accident, and by other hands!—­Is not this very slighting!—­But never do so again, and I’ll forgive you now because of the joy it gives me; who am your truly affectionate and obliged sister, B. DAVERS.

I thank you for your book upon the plays you saw.  Inclosed is a list of some others, which I desire you to read, and to oblige me with your remarks upon them at your leisure; though you may not, perhaps, have seen them by the time you will favour me with your observations.


From Mrs. B. to Lady Davers.


I have a valuable present made me by the same lady; and therefore hope you will not take it amiss, that, with abundance of thanks, I return your’s by Mrs. Worden, whose sister I much approve of, and thank your ladyship for your kind recommendation of so worthy a person.  We begin with so much good liking to one another, that I doubt not we shall be very happy together.

A moving letter, much more valuable to me than the handsome present, was put into my hands, at the same time with that; of which the following is a copy: 

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