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Forgive me, my dearest lady, for being so deeply serious.  I have just been contending with a severe pang, that is now gone off; what effect its return may have, God only knows.  And if this is the last line I shall ever write, it will be the more satisfactory to me, as (with my humble respects to my good Lord Davers, and my dear countess, and praying for the continuance of all your healths and happiness, both here and hereafter), I am permitted to subscribe myself your ladyship’s obliged sister and humble servant,



From Lady Davers to Mr. B.


Although I believe it needless to put a man of your generous spirit in mind of doing a worthy action; yet, as I do not know whether you have thought of what I am going to hint to you, I cannot forbear a line or two with regard to the good old couple in Kent.

I am sure, if, for our sins, God Almighty should take from us my incomparable sister (forgive me, my dear brother, but to intimate what may be, although I hourly pray, as her trying minute approaches, that it will not), you will, for her sake, take care that her honest parents have not the loss of your favour, to deepen the inconsolable one, they will have, in such a case, of the best of daughters.

I say, I am sure you will do as generously by them as ever:  and I dare say your sweet Pamela doubts it not:  yet, as you know how sensible she is of every favour done them, it is the countess’s opinion and mine, and Lady Betty’s too, that you give her this assurance, in some legal way:  for, as she is naturally apprehensive, and thinks more of her present circumstances, than, for your sake, she chooses to express to you, it will be like a cordial to her dutiful and grateful heart; and I do not know, if it will not contribute, more than any one thing, to make her go through her task with ease and safety.

I know how much your heart is wrapped up in the dear creature:  and you are a worthy brother to let it be so!  You will excuse me therefore, I am sure, for this my officiousness.

I have no doubt but God will spare her to us, because, although we may not be worthy of such excellence, yet we all now unite so gratefully to thank him, for such a worthy relation, that I hope we shall not be deprived of an example so necessary to us all.

I can have but one fear, and that is, that, young as she is, she seems ripened for glory:  she seems to have lived long enough for herself.  But for you, and for us, that God will still spare her, shall be the hourly prayer of, my dear worthy brother, your ever affectionate sister,


Have you got her mother with you?  I hope you have.  God give you a son and heir, if it be his blessed will!  But, however that be, preserve your Pamela to you! for you never can have such another wife.

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