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It was one afternoon when the five Brothers were in a dugout, awaiting orders to go on duty for the night, that Jimmy bethought himself of the sight they had had of the mysterious captain.

“We didn’t tell Franz and Iggy about him,” he remarked to Roger and Bob.

“No.  Go ahead with the story,” said Bob.  “Maybe they can throw some light on it.”

But Franz and Iggy—­though the latter did not say much—­could offer no explanation save that put forth by Jimmy and the two lads who had seen what he had seen—­that Captain Frank Dickerson was a German spy.

The night passed without incident of moment, except for two false alarms that the Germans were starting a general engagement.  And in the morning, after breakfast, the long-looked-for word came.

“It’s the advance!” was the general cry.  “We’re going forward and pinch out the German salient!”

There was one on this sector—­a salient, or wedge, driven into the American line, or, rather, one that had existed since the Americans had taken over this particular part of the country.

“Now for the big battle!” cried Bob.

“And may it soon bring the end of the war!” added Roger.

Jimmy marched along with his chums, going to take charge of a squad that would be among the leaders of the advance.  And, as he passed a group of American officers, saluting as he did so, his heart almost stopped beating.  For standing in their midst, and conversing earnestly with them, was Captain Frank Dickerson, and this time he wore the uniform of an American officer, with the two bars denoting his captaincy!



Jimmy’s astonishment at seeing the man they had called a German spy was duplicated by his companions.  With one accord they halted and stood staring at the captain who had saved their lives.  On his part he did not see them, apparently.  He stood there talking with other officers as calmly and coolly as though nothing worried him.

“There he is!” exclaimed Bob.

“No question about it!” said Roger.

“The dog!” fairly hissed Franz.  “And to think he’s going to betray our secrets to the Huns!”

“Not if I can help it!” declared Jimmy, and there was firm resolve in his voice.

“What are you going to do?” asked Roger, though he could almost guess the answer of his chum.

“Come over here,” said Jimmy Blaise to the otter Brothers.  It was time they should be marching up on their way to the front to take part in the big advance.  But there was also vital necessity of action at this juncture.  And so many soldiers and officers were hurrying along that the temporary halt of Jimmy and his bunkies would not be noticed.

“Don’t we to fight go?” asked Iggy, somewhat puzzled by the halt.  “I mine gun haf und many bullets.  To fight it is my idea, yes.”

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