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Part Second, One Bar.2
Part Third, One Bar.2
Part Fourth, One Bar, Turning.2
Part Fifth.3
Part Sixth.3
Part Seventh.3
Part Eight Turning.3
Part Second.4
Part Third.4
Part Fourth.  Turning.4
Part Fifth.4
Part Sixth.4
Part Seventh.4
Part Eight.  Turning.4
Step Three5
Part Second.5
Part Third.5
Part Fourth.  Turning.5
Part Fifth.5
Part Sixth.6
Part Seventh.6
Part Eight.  Turning.6
Part Second.6
Part Third.6
Part Fourth, Turning.7
Part Fifth.7
Part Sixth.7
Part Seventh.7
Part Eight.  Turning.7
Part Second.7
Part Third.8
Part Fourth.  Turning.8
Part Fifth.8
Part Sixth.8
Part Seventh.8
Part Eighth.  Turning.8
Part Second.9
Part Fourth.9
Part Fifth.  Turning.9
Part Sixth.10
Part Seventh.10
Part Eighth.10
Part Ninth.10
Part Tenth.  Turning.10
Step Seven10
Part Second.11
Part Third.11
Part Fifth.11
Part Sixth.11
Part Seventh.11
Part Eighth.  Turning.12
Step Eight12
Part Second.12
Part Third.12
Part Fourth.13
Part Fifth.  Turning.13
Part Six.13
Part Seventh.13
Part Eighth.13
Part Ninth.13
Part Tenth.  Turning.14
Step Nine14
Part Second.14
Part Third.14
Part Fourth.  Turning.14
Part Fifth.14
Part Sixth.15
Part Seventh.15
Part Eighth.  Turning.15
Part Second.15
Part Third.15
Part Fourth.16
Part Fifth.  Turning.16
Part Sixth.16
Part Seventh.16
Part Eighth.16
Part Ninth.16
Part Tenth.  Turning.17
Step Eleven17
Part Second.17
Part Third.17
Part Fourth.  Turning.17
Part Sixth18
Part Seventh.18
Part Eighth.  Turning.18
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