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The fairly good town brass band had promised to be on hand, and play during the best part of the afternoon.  Then there would be a host of refreshment booths at which Scranton’s fairest daughters would preside, accompanied in each instance by a matron of mature years, to lend dignity to the occasion.  Here the good folks from Allandale, Belleville and other places, who honored the town with their presence would always be warmly welcomed, and given a cup of delicious tea, coffee or chocolate, as they preferred, accompanied with sandwiches galore, and even cake.

Meanwhile it was planned that those who meant to take part in any of the events on the long programme should have a last “workout” that Friday afternoon.  Saturday morning it was intended they should rest up, so as to be in the pink of condition when the meet opened at one o’clock.

That might seem to be an early hour, as some had argued, but the programme was so extended at there was a possibility of darkness creeping up on them before the fifteen-mile Marathon, the latest event of the day, had been fully completed.

During that energetic morning at school, when boys and girls were hustling to carry out the part of the work entrusted to them, Hugh had managed to keep an eye on Leon Disney from time to time.  He felt pretty certain that the tricky boy had no intention of fulfilling the promise he had made under duress, and while a threat of exposure hung over his head, like the famous sword of Damocles, suspended by but a single hair.

Leon watched Hugh also, and tried to act in a manner calculated not to arouse suspicion; but Hugh understood from his actions how matters probably stood.  Leon had, of course, managed to see Nick Lang before coming to school, and explain to him what a bad fix he had managed to get himself in when caught in the act of breaking into Hugh Morgan’s locker at the athletic grounds building.

No doubt it had been artfully arranged between the precious pair that Leon was to seem to keep his distance away from Nick; and if at any other time the latter joined a group amidst whom Leon chanced to be standing the other was to immediately move away in an ostentatious fashion that would cause Hugh to believe he meant to keep his given word.

But several times Hugh felt certain he detected sly winks exchanged between Nick and his apparently estranged pal; which could only mean that Leon was playing a double game.  Still Hugh did not bother telling anyone about the affair of the preceding night.  No harm had really been done, fortunately, and Leon might hold his evil propensities in check for a while if he had reason to fear disclosure.

The committees were wearing their badges proudly, and each member seemed desirous of doing everything in his or her power to render the athletic tournament a wonderful success.  Nothing like it had ever been attempted in the county, and for that reason they were compelled to look up all manner of accounts in papers and magazines, in order to do things properly.

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