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“A parrot!”

“Yes, and he’s the one who made the ghostly sounds!”

“Did you ever see the beat!”

“No wonder we couldn’t locate that voice in the dark!”

Such were some of the comments of the young hunters as they gathered around the dead parrot.  Snap picked the creature up, made certain it was dead, and opened its mouth.

“Yes, he was a talker right enough,” he said.

“But I’d like to know who taught him to say such awful things and nothing else?”

“Most likely the fellow who is playing ghost,” answered Whopper.

“Yes, and that fellow must be close by,” ejaculated Giant.  “He and the parrot probably traveled together.”

“In that case, let us try to find Mr. Ghost,” said the doctor’s son.  Now the mystery of the ghostly voice was explained he was no longer afraid.

“What will we do with the bear?” asked Snap.

It was voted to leave the carcass where it was, and this decided upon, the young hunters looked around for some way of getting down the cliff.

“Here’s a rope ladder!” cried Snap.  “Boys, do you know what I think?” he added.


“I think we are near to where that ghost lives!”

“Then let us pay him a visit and ask him what he means by his outrageous conduct,” answered the doctor’s son.

Then all commenced to descend the rope ladder, which led to the bottom of the cliff.



It was a strong ladder and put up with care, so the young hunters had no fear of falling.  At the foot they discovered a well-defined trail running along the base of the cliff to where gushed forth a small stream of pure, cold water.  Near the spring was an empty can, evidently used as a drinking cup.  The boys were thirsty and all took a drink.  Then they continued on the trail, until they came in sight of a small log hut, almost hidden among the trees and bushes.

“Perhaps that is where Mr. Ghost lives,” suggested Whopper, trying to speak as lightly as he could, although his voice trembled slightly.

“We can knock on the door and ask,” answered Snap.

“Beware!” came suddenly, from the vicinity of the hut.  “Come not a step nearer, if you value your lives!”

And then they saw the ghost like figure in yellow, with the dangling red horns, moving among the bushes.

For just one moment the young hunters were badly frightened and inclined to run.  Then they gazed at each other questioningly and stood their ground.

“We want to talk to you!” cried Snap.  “We know you are a humbug.”

“Yes, and we know all about your parrot,” added the doctor’s son.  He did not deem it wise to mention that they had killed the talking bird.

“Go away!  Go away!” answered the figure in yellow.  “This forest is mine!  The lake is mine!  Go away, ere it is too late!”

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