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“Ham and Carl won’t forget that reception in a hurry,” remarked the doctor’s son, and indulged in a laugh, in which his chum joined.

The rest of the night passed without anything unusual happening.  Early in the morning Whopper and Giant appeared and were told of what had occurred.

“Served ’em right,” cried Giant.  “Oh, I wish I had seen them,” he added, with a broad grin.

“I don’t think they’ll try any such game again in a thousand years,” said Whopper.

“Make it a million, Whopper,” added the doctor’s son.

Whopper and Giant had had breakfast and said good-bye to their folks and now Snap and Shep went off to get something to eat.  By nine o’clock they returned and said they were ready for the start.  The others already had the boat out and the outfit properly stored on board.

“All ready?” called out Snap, who was looked upon as the leader of the club.

“All ready,” came from the others.

“Sure we haven’t left anything behind—–­salt, mustard, vinegar, or canned soft-soap?”

“Maybe Whopper’s left his shaving outfit behind,” suggested Giant.

“Humph!” muttered the youth mentioned.  “Be sure and take Giant’s hobby horse with you.”  And then there was a general laugh, in the midst of which Snap shoved off from the boathouse dock.

It was arranged that Shep and Whopper should row for the first few miles and then be relieved by Snap and Giant.  A number of boys had come down to the dock to see them off.  There was a general shouting.

“Hope you have a good time!”

“Be sure and bring back plenty of game!”

“Say, if you see that ghost up to Lake Narsac give him my regards!”

“I wouldn’t go up to that locality for a farm!  You’ll be sure to get into trouble.  Every spot up there is alive with snakes.”

“I’ll bet they won’t go any further than Lake Cameron or Firefly Lake,” said one boy, who was a chum to Ham and Carl.

“It’s Lake Narsac or bust!” cried Snap.

“Huh!  I’ll believe it when I see it,” returned the boy on shore.

“Don’t worry, you’ll never get there, Jack Voss,” said a man standing by.  “You are too much of a coward.”

“Won’t I?” answered Jack Voss.  “A lot of us are going up to Lake Narsac in a few days, or next week.”


“Never mind.  We are going and that’s enough,” answered Jack Voss.  “I ain’t afraid of that ghost—–­or of snakes either,” he added.

“There they go!” shouted Joe Bright, enthusiastically.  “Hurrah for the young hunters of the lake!”

“Hurrah!” shouted several and waved their hands and handkerchiefs.

Those in the rowboat waved in return.  Then Shep and Whopper bent to the oars; and the summer outing was begun.  Little did the young hunters realize how many strange adventures were in store for them.


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