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With the fun of Independence Day at an end, Snap and his chums turned their attention once more to the matter of the summer outing.  They realized that a trip to Lake Narsac would be quite different from one only as far as Lake Cameron or Firefly Lake.  The two latter resorts were close to civilization, while Narsac Lake was a wild spot, seldom visited by the regular run of sportsmen.  To get to the lake would be quite a task in itself, and whatever would be needed for the trip must be procured at home or at one of the other lakes.  And while they must take all needed articles along they must make their boat load as light as possible.

Doctor Reed made them a present of something which was much to their liking.  This was a “nest” of aluminum cooking utensils, including a pepper and salt box, and a match safe.  This kit weighed very little and was exceedingly handy.

As Mr. Dodge had procured for them a suitable boat, and the doctor the cooking things, Mr. Dawson said he would present them with a new tent, of light, but strong and waterproof material.  He also got for them a rubber cloth, to be spread over their things when it rained.

“My mother is going to supply us with the eatables,” said Giant.  “She told me to get the list and she would have them all ready the day we are to start.”  And then the list was made out, including bacon, beans, flour, salt and pepper, sugar, and many other necessities.  The boys also got a liberal supply of powder and shot for their guns, some cartridges for the rifle, and some fishing hooks and lines.  Everything was stored away in the boathouse on the river, which was locked up tightly, so that nobody might carry off their belongings.



“I wonder if Ham and Carl will attempt to get at our outfit,” said Shep, the evening before the start was to be made.

“Well, we mustn’t forget that they blew up the old boathouse before,” answered Snap.  “Of course, they may be afraid to try on the same thing—–­they’d know they’d be in danger of arrest.”

“Let us go down and take a look at the things,” put in Whopper.  “I wouldn’t want to have anything happen to the outfit for a million dollars.”

The three boys walked in the direction of the building where the things were stored.  Giant was not with them—–­he having been detained at home, to do some work for his mother.

Apparently the outfit was as it had been left, and the three boys breathed a sigh of relief.  Having overhauled the things carefully, they prepared to lock up once more when Snap noticed a small boy named Joe Bright, hanging around.

“Well, Joe, what’s doing?” he questioned.

“Nuthin’,” answered Joe.  “Say, are you fellows going on a trip to Lake Narsac?”


“Ain’t you afraid of the hobgoblins up there?”

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