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John Lauder
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  Bought on the ij of September 1679 from Mistris
    Forrest in Fyffe the ten following books.
      1.  Erasmi concio de misericordia Domini
        and other tracts, 10 pence.
      2.  Erasmi encomion Moriae et de Lingua
        and other tracts, a mark.
      3.  Bezae Responsio ad Castellionem de
        versione Novi testamenti, 10 pence.
      4.  Flores Doctorum pene Omnium per Thomam Hibernicum, 18 pence.
      5.  Sylva locorum communiuni per
        Ludovicum Granatensem, 30 pence.
      6.  Poetarum omnium flores, a mark.
      7.  Refutatio Cujusdam libelli de Jure
        magistratuum per Beccariam, 8 pence.
      8.  Chrysostomes Homilies and morals on the Ephesians, 24 pence.
      9.  Virgil in English verse by John Ogilbie, 24 pence.
      10.  Simon Patrick’s Reflections on the
        devotions of the Roman Church, 24 pence.

Having in September 1679 casten up the accompt of the wholle manuscript books I have besyde me, I find they are 94 in number of which see more in my other more full Catalogues of my books.



Letter by John Lauder, Lord Fountainhall, to his Son[721]

    [721] MS. in possession of Sir T.N.  Dick Lauder.

The following letter from Fountainhall to his son, probably his eldest son and successor, John, is a characteristic specimen of his later style.  It holds up to the young man as an example the character and career of his maternal grandfather, Sir Andrew Ramsay, Lord Abbotshall.


  ’Appryll 3d, 1691.

Sone,—­The letters I formerly sent you, tho replenished with the best advyces that ather my reading or my experience and observatione or my paternall affection affoorded, and in thesse important affaires they handled, yet I conceive they might be the less effectuall that they had no other authority to back them but my own.  Theirfor I am resolved a litle to trye another method, and so put thesse useful precepts in the mouths of some of your ancestors as if they wer allowed for some tyme to arryse from the dead and speak to those descended of them; and I shall set befor you some of their vertues and illustrious actions for ane pattern worthy your imitation, seeing there cannot be ane better direction in the stearing the compass of our lyves then by reading the lyves of good men, espccially wheir wee are nearly related to them, and in the using of this prosopopoea I have no less examples to follow then the prince of orators Cicero and the
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