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John Lauder
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2 dollars. 
Waired on wine, 30 shiling. 
Given to my wife, 2 mark. 
On win with Mr. Alex’r Hamilton, 10 pence. 
Given for paper and ink, 12 pence. 
Given for wine, 10 pence. 
Given to the woman Margaret, 18 pence.

    [649] Wages of nursemaid eight dollars, about L2.

Sie the rest of their accounts alibi.  This is the accompt of the said 300 m. very neir.  So that their is nothing resting to me to make up a compleit years rent:  vid., from Lambes 1669 to Lambes 1670, but only one hundred merks, which I allowed to my father in respect he payed a compt of that value for me to John Scot:  as also of his oune moneyes he was pleased to pay 90 lb. for me which I was addebted to the same John for 23 elle of cloath tane of for my bed and appertenances, at 4 lb. the elle and did not at all place it to my accompt.

Sec. 2

O Lord, teach me so to be counting my dayes, that I may apply my heart to thy wisdome.[650]

    [650] These words stand as a motto at the head of MS. K.

* * * * *

  Sie my counts praeceiding this in a litle black skinned book alibi.
  [Supra, p. 239.]

On the 25 of May 1671, my father was debitor to me in the soume of 1800 mks., payable out of the lands of Carington, and that as my year’s annuity from Lammas, in the yeir 1670, till Lambes coming in this instant year 1671; all preceidings are payed to me and discharged by me.

Of this 1800 mks., I receaved the formentioned day from him 200 mks., out of which I payed: 

Imprimis, to the Janitor for 4 books, vid., the English laws,
Polidorus Virgilius, Zosimus and aliorum Historiae, and
Vimesius Theses, etc., 16 shil. st. 
Given to my wife for sundry uses, 3 dollars. 
For wine and seck in the Janitor’s, 50 shil. 
To my father’s skild nurse by myselfe and my wife given, 2 dollars. 
For 2 elle and a quarter scarlet ribban fra James Dick, 24 shil. 
For this paper book wheiron I write thir compts., 6 pence. 
Given to my wife, 6 pence. 
For wine in Pentherers, 16 pence. 
Given to the poor, a 6 pence. 
Given to my wife for the use of the house and other things, 4 dollars. 
Given to Joseph for shaving me, a shiling. 
Given to my wife for sundry uses, 4 shilings. 

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