Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia, Volume 1 eBook

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A night without water. 
Return to the camp. 
The party proceeds down the Darling. 
Surprise a party of natives. 
New acacia. 
Mr. Hume’s tree found. 
Fall in the Darling. 
Surprised by a party of natives. 
Emu killed by the dogs. 
Dunlop’s range. 
Meet the Puppy tribe. 
Ascend Dunlop’s range. 
High land discovered to the westward. 
Grass pulled and piled in ricks by the natives. 
Hills beyond the Darling. 
Convenient refraction. 
Native huts. 
Interview with the Red tribe. 
The Puppy tribe. 
How to avoid the sandy hills and soft plains. 
Macculloch’s range. 
Visit a hill beyond the Darling. 
View from its summit.


Natives of the Spitting tribe. 
Singular behaviour on the discharge of a pistol. 
Second interview with the Spitting tribe. 
Strange ceremonial. 
Amusing attempts to steal, or diamond cut diamond. 
Dry channel of a stream. 
Tombs on the sandhills. 
White balls on tombs. 
Australian shamrock. 
Old canoe. 
Dry state of the country. 
Danger and difficulty of watching the cattle on the riverbanks. 
Uniform character of the Darling. 
The Grenadier bird. 
The Doctor and the natives. 
A range discovered by refraction. 
Dance of natives. 
A lake. 
Tombs of a tribe. 
Plan of natives’ hut. 
Method of making cordage. 
The tall native’s first visit. 
Channel of a small stream. 
The carts beset on the journey by very covetous natives. 
Mischievous signals. 
Cattle worn out. 
The tall man again. 
Approach of the Fishing tribe. 
Covetous old man. 
Conduct on witnessing the effect of a shot. 
The party obliged to halt from the weak state of the cattle. 
The natives very troublesome. 
Singular ceremonies. 
Their manner of fishing. 
The burning brand. 
A tribe from the south-east. 
The old man appears again with a tribe from the south-west. 
Small streams from the west. 
The Darling turns southward. 
Resolve to return. 
Description of the country on the banks of the river. 
The men at the river obliged to fire upon the natives. 
Steady conduct of the party. 
Origin of the dispute. 
Narrow escape of Muirhead. 
Treacherous conduct of the aborigines. 
Melancholy reflections.


Commencement of the homeward journey. 
The cattle begin to fail. 
Halt and endeavour to lighten the carts. 
Rain comes on. 
Native conversations at a distance. 
Party separated to watch the cattle. 
Illness of some of the men from scurvy. 
Mr. Larmer’s excursion into the country to the eastward. 
The Spitting tribe again. 
Return of Mr. Larmer, who had found water and inhabitants. 

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