Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia, Volume 1 eBook

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A Bushranger’s story. 
My plan of exploration. 
Departure from Sydney. 
A garden. 
Country between Sydney and the Hawkesbury. 
Beyond the Hawkesbury. 
Summit of Warrawolong. 
Natives of Brisbane Water. 
The Wollombi. 
Valley of the Hunter. 
Fossils of the Hunter. 
Men employed on the expedition. 
Burning grass. 
Aborigines and Colonists. 
Cambo, a wild native. 
A Colonist of the right sort. 
Escape of the Bushranger, The Barber. 
Burning Hill of Wingen. 
Approach Liverpool Range. 
Cross it. 
A sick tribe. 
Interior waters. 
Liverpool Plains. 
Proposed route. 
Horses astray. 
A Squatter. 
Native guide and his gin. 
Modes of drinking au naturel. 
Woods on fire. 
Cross the Turi Range. 
Arrive on the River Peel. 
Another native guide. 
Explore the Peel.


Enter an unexplored region. 
Situation of Mr. Oxley’s camp on the Peel. 
Westward course of the river. 
Kangaroo shot. 
Calcareous rocks. 
Acacia pendula first seen. 
Other trees near the river. 
Junction of the Peel and Muluerindie. 
View from Perimbungay. 
Ford of Wallanburra. 
Plains of Mulluba. 
View from Mount Ydire. 
Hills seen agree with The Bushranger’s account. 
The river Namoi. 
Stockyard of The Bushranger. 
Singular fish. 
View from Tangulda. 
Cutting through a thick scrub. 
Want of water. 
Impeded by a lofty range of mountains. 
Marks of natives’ feet. 
Maule’s river. 
A grilled snake. 
View on ascending the range of Nundewar. 
Native female. 
Proposed excursion with packhorses. 
Native guide absconds. 
The range impassable. 
Return to Tangulda. 
Prepare to launch the boats on the Namoi.


Fires in the Bush. 
Rocks of Bullabalakit. 
Boat launched. 
Bees load my rifle with honey. 
Embark on the Namoi in canvas boats. 
Impediments to the navigation. 
Boat staked, and sinks. 
The leak patched. 
She again runs foul of a log. 
Provisions damaged. 
Resolve to proceed by land. 
Pack up the boats, and continue the journey. 
Pass the western extremity of Nundewar Range. 
Unknown tree. 
Water scarce. 
Providential supply. 
Trap-hill on plains. 
Cut through a scrub. 
Meet a tribe of Natives. 
Again obliged to cut our way. 
Fortunate discovery of water. 
Dry valleys. 
Mount Frazer. 
The party in distress for want of water. 
Water found next day. 
Wheel Ponds. 
Excessive heat and drought. 
Description of the woods. 
Meet with natives. 
Cross the dry bed of a river. 
A friendly native with his family. 
No water. 
Reach the Gwydir. 
Cross it with one man. 
Prevented by a native with spears, from shooting a kangaroo. 
Re-cross the river.

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