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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 140 pages of information about Iranian Influence on Moslem Literature, Part I.

“As regards the Avesta expression Ragha Zarathushtrish in the Yasna 9, 18, it refers to political conditions of a much anterior age not yet reached by our historical investigations.”

[Translated from Marquarts, Eranshahr, p. 127 seq-G.K.N.]



Professor Inostranzev gives a list of passages of Iranian interest which are to be found in the Mahasin-wal masawi and in the Mahasin wal azdad giving references to pages in the European editions.  Unfortunately I have not been able to procure the latter and cannot verify the allusions.  I, however, reproduce below the Iranian subjects touched upon in these two Arabic books on adab in the Cairo editions.

Iranian material from the Mahasin-wal masawi, Part I, p. 1.  A dictum of Buzarjmahir.

P. 82, A story of King Kobad.

P. 96, A story of Anushirwan, “the wisest of men of his time in Persia”.

P. 110, A story of King Ardeshir.

P. 122, Reference to a custom of the Persian kings and a story of

Iranian material from the Mahasin-wal masawi Part II.

P. 62, A story about Shiruya, son of Aberwez.

P. 74, A dictum of the Persians on eloquence.

P. 75, A story about Buzarjmahir.

P. 123, A story about Anushirwan.

P. 125, A story about King Kobad and a MOBED.

P. 131, A story of Anushirwan.

P. 133, A dictum of Buzarjmahir.

P. 154, A story of Hurmuz, son of Anushirwan.

P. 155, A story of Bahramgor.

P. 155, A story of the sense of justice of King Anushirwan.

P. 166, A story of Anushirwan.

P. 169, Reference to a ZAND book in connection with Islam.

P. 170, A story of an Arab who acted as interpreter in Arabic to a
Persian King.

P. 178, A story as narrated by Kisrawi about Kisra, son of Hormuz.

P. 178, Reference to a Majus or Zoroastrian.

P. 194, A story of Shiruya, son of Kisra.

P, 199, A quotation from Ibn-ul Muqaffa.

P. 203, The story of Sabur-zul-aktaf.


P. 14, Story of King Abarwez.

P. 17, Story of the Kisra.

P. 35, Quotation from al Kisrawi, relating a story about Kisra, son of
Hormuz.  In this story the unfortunate general Afshin, the governor of
Ashrushna, is plainly designated a Majus or Zoroastrian.

P. 51, A dictum of Bahramgor.

P. 51, The conversation between the MOBEDAN MOBED and King Aberwez.

P. 51, Reference to the book of “our” (Zoroastrian) religion (Kitab din-na).

P. 110, Reference to an inscription on a stone slab discovered in the treasury of a Persian king.

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